Extra funding to increase flood resilience

Three communities are set to be better protected against the impacts of flooding thanks to almost £3 million of government investment.

Street urges for increase to the Local Housing Allowance

Andy Street has urged the government to urgently rethink part of the benefits system to protect the most vulnerable from becoming homeless.

Wiltshire Council welcomes virtual assistant workforce

Wiltshire Council has welcomed the first of a team of virtual assistants to its workforce.

740 people denied the vote in mandatory ID trials

New Electoral Commission figures reveal that more than 700 people were denied a vote for not having ID in May’s local elections.

£8.9bn drop in funding for neighbourhood services

Resources devoted to neighbourhood services across Britain have fallen by 27 per cent since 2010.

Measures to end segregation of social housing residents

The government has unveiled new measures to end the segregation of social housing residents in mixed-tenure developments.

‘Whitehall corridor’ marginalising millions across UK

Report warns that the government must seek to broaden public spending allocations and undo ‘systemic bias’ against rural Britain.

£32.3 million to support Grenfell community

£32.3 million has been awarded to support the recovery of Kensington and Chelsea College and the local community affected by the Grenfell Tower fire.

Government publishes new Community Framework

The new Community Framework has been unveiled, highlighting a vision for building a stronger sense of belonging within local communities.

£348 million funding boost for local roads quality

£348 million of funding for local authorities is to be made available over the next four years to help tackle issues on major local roads.

House builders ordered to protect wildlife

Communities Secretary James Brokenshire has ordered developers to do more to protect Britain’s cherished wildlife.

Compulsory body-worn cameras for bailiffs

The government has announced the introduction of compulsory body-worn cameras for bailiffs in an attempt to better protect people in debt.

New PM must prioritise tackling children’s homelessness

More than 300 children face becoming homeless during the school holidays this summer as a result of the housing crisis.

North West organisations sign Healthy Weight Declaration

Cumbria Association of Local Councils is among a number of organisations in the North West to sign up to the Food Active Healthy Weight Declaration.

Eco-friendly vans for Liverpool pest control

A Liverpool City Council team has swapped its diesel-driven fleet of vans for cleaner electric vehicles.


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