Bellwin scheme activated to support flood-hit communities

The government has activated the emergency Bellwin scheme in response to recent flooding in Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.

Cycling health referral scheme reaches 1,000 people

More than 1,000 people have now taken part in a referral scheme aimed at boosting their mental health through cycling.

Northamptonshire budget plans children’s service cuts

Northamptonshire County Council is planning to carry out a £4 million cut to its ‘failing’ children's services.

SNP campaign centred around 'NHS Protection Bill'

The SNP is launching its election campaign with a headline promise to bring forward legislation to protect the NHS from privatisation.

Norfolk sets ‘ambitious’ 2030 net zero carbon target

An ‘ambitious’ date of 2030 for Norfolk County Council to achieve net zero carbon emissions has been proposed.

Students expected vote tactically over Brexit

The Higher Education Policy Institute has revealed that more than half of students are ready to vote tactically in the General Election.

Manifesto for the North published as campaigning begins

Northern business and elected leaders have set out a bold new vision for the North of England.

Leeds first authority to promote healthy ageing vision

Leeds City Council is the first local authority to commit to a shared vision for healthy ageing.

Clearer labelling key to boosting recycling rates

The LGA says clearer labelling on all products and increased charges for hard to recycle products are needed to help councils boost recycling rates.

Labour promises ‘irreversible shift’ in political decision making

John McDonnell is to promise an ‘irreversible shift in the centre of gravity in political decision making and investment’ from London to the North.

Lib Dems, Plaid Cymru and Greens agree electoral pact

The Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru and the Green Party have finalised a plan to step aside for each other in the General Election.

Zero carbon transport plan for Leeds City Region underway

A detailed project is underway to determine how the Leeds City Region can become a net zero carbon economy by 2038.

Food bank-reliant households live off £50 a week

Almost one in five using food banks have no money coming in at all in the month before being referred for emergency food.

Energy efficiency measures cut Oxford’s carbon footprint

Oxford City Council has reduced its carbon emissions by more than 900 tonnes in the last year, thanks to a number of energy efficiency measures.

£4.7 million to cut school exclusions in London

London’s Violence Reduction Unit is investing £4.7 million to tackle school exclusions.