Government to offer further education courses

Adults in England without an A-level or equivalent qualification will be offered a fully funded college course.

Comprehensive childhood recovery package needed

A comprehensive recovery package is needed to tackle rising tide of childhood vulnerability caused by the coronavirus crisis.

Poor childcare support highlights ‘serial incompetence’

Labour’s Tulip Siddiq has accused the government of serial incompetence in delivering childcare support to working families.

Funding to get more children cycling and walking to school

The government has announced a new million-pound programme to get more students physically active in time for Bike to School Week.

Childcare closures likely to hit rural areas worst

Councils are warning that remoter rural areas could be impacted the most by childcare closures as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Major challenges ahead for schools in poorer areas

The IFS is warning that schools serving more deprived pupils face major challenges over the next few years.

Programme launched to increase talent pool for DCS roles

A programme aimed at increasing the pool of future Directors of Children’s Services has been launched, supported by the Department for Education.

Government must support public services, say unions

A new campaign has been launched highlighting how public services cannot continue with the underfunding of the past decade.

Fill public service vacancies to cut unemployment rate

A new report has outlined proposals for a public sector jobs drive to stave off mass unemployment and help the coronavirus recovery.

Law change needed for children in unregulated accommodation

Anne Longfield is calling for the government to change the law to stop councils placing under 18s in care in unregulated accommodation.

Urgency needed to tackle childhood obesity

It is not clear whether the government’s plan to tackle rising childhood obesity will be able to make the step change needed in the timescale available.

Financial crisis leaving vulnerable children at risk

Vulnerable children are facing a dangerous reduction in support as councils cut services to fill the financial black hole left by coronavirus.

Many childcare providers facing big financial problems

The loss of income from parent-paid fees since March will mean that many childcare providers face a tough time keeping their doors open.

Secondary school places likely to run out within five years

Up to a third of local areas in England risk being oversubscribed for secondary school places within five years.

Campaigners say hundreds of libraries could close

Hundreds of libraries across the UK could be closed amid the economic devastation wrought by coronavirus.


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