Research finds that poorer children missing out on exercise

New research suggests that, when it comes to getting enough exercise, wealthier children are beating their poorer classmates.

800 libraries closed in Britain since 2010

An annual survey of the UK’s libraries has revealed that almost 800 libraries have closed under the Conservative government since 2010.

Labour pledges to cap school class sizes

The Labour Party is promising to cap class sizes at 30 pupils across all schools in England if it wins the General Election.

Boost Ofsted rather than scrap it, says Tories

The Conservatives will give Ofsted greater powers and more money to improve discipline in classrooms and bolster school standards.

Children in UK exposed to more asbestos than other countries

Children in the UK can be exposed to 10 times as much asbestos as they would be in some other European countries.

Next government urged to invest in children's services

The LGA has stressed that the next government needs to invest in children’s services so councils can fulfil the ambitions of the Children’s Act.

690 children facing domestic violence each day of election period

Up to 690 children are at risk of domestic violence every day, the equivalent of over 25,000 children during the General Election period alone.

Half a million children not seeking mental health support

Almost half a million children who are worried about their feelings or behaviour are not asking anyone for help.

Lib Dems pledge 20,000 more teachers

The Lib Dems have promised to recruit 20,000 more teachers and spend an extra £10 billion on schools each year.

Abuse of children based on faith or belief rises by a third

Children identified by councils as having been abused for reasons associated with faith have risen by a third in the past three years.

Children become less active each year of primary school

A new study has revealed a dramatic drop in children’s physical activity levels by the time they finish primary school.

New wave of junk food set to hit the high street

A new report has stressed that the government must require planning policies to restrict new hot food takeaways near schools.

Extra childcare support pledged by Labour and Lib Dems

Both the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats have pledged extra money to support the parents of young children.

Nottingham refuses school use for elections

Nottingham City Council has announced that no schools in the city will close to become polling stations at December’s General Election.

Students expected vote tactically over Brexit

The Higher Education Policy Institute has revealed that more than half of students are ready to vote tactically in the General Election.