New Green Deal to create jobs and protect the environment

A new Green Deal for households and businesses has been announced, which will combine growth in the economy with a greener and more efficient way of using energy.

It aims to reduce energy demand and carbon emissions while making homes warmer, saving consumers money and stimulating green recovery in jobs.

Up to 14 million homes could benefit from the Green Deal through insulation and payments will be collected through energy bills and the most energy inefficient homes could save, on average, around £550 a year.

The Government will begin legislating for these proposals in the Autumn and they are expected to take effect in 2012.

The project, being led by TEDCO, a successful Enterprise Agency based in South Tyneside, also aims to support the creation of 1,000 new businesses and 10,000 new jobs.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said: "Green Deal Finance will allow householders to make their homes more energy efficient, saving on their bills, without the need for them to provide up-front finance."

"Homes account for a quarter of all emissions in the UK, and this is no longer a problem we can ignore."

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