GOV.UK updates crown logo

GOV.UK has updated its logo with a new crown.

The change is a reflection of the accession of King Charles III. In September 2022, the College of Arms announced His Majesty King Charles III’s Royal Cypher, which features the monarch’s chosen crown.

The Cypher of King Charles III features the Tudor Crown, rather than the St Edward’s Crown chosen by Queen Elizabeth II.

The new crown on GOV.UK is a representation of the King's cypher.

Forms of the crown are being updated across government to reflect the new cypher.

GOV.UK is made up of multiple different website domains, which are owned by various government departments and each department is required to update the crown in their locally owned services and channels.

Support is available for those required to make the updates.

Event Diary


UKREiiF has quickly become a must-attend in the industry calendar for Government departments and local authorities.

The multi-award-winning UK Construction Week (UKCW), is the UK’s biggest trade event for the built environment that connects the whole supply chain to be the catalyst for growth and positive change in the industry.