Liverpool suspends all green waste collections

Liverpool City Council will suspend its green waste collection service as of Monday 23 March due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

More support needed or nurseries will close

Thousands of nurseries are set to close unless the government provides more financial support to sustain them during the coronavirus pandemic.

More action needed to avoid Covid-19 homeless spike

Additional measures must be swiftly implemented to tackle London's housing insecurity during the coronavirus emergency.

Glasgow join’s European cities in nature project

Glasgow is to join a group of 11 European cities in the Cities with Nature group, which enhances the value of nature in and around cities.

£2.9bn funding to strengthen care for the vulnerable

The government is to spend £2.9 billion to help patients who no longer need urgent hospital treatment to return home.

Home Office introduces Fire Safety Bill

The Home Office is introducing a new bill to improve fire safety in buildings in England and Wales.

Nottingham runs unique 30-day EV loan scheme

A 30-day electric vehicle loan scheme piloted by the Nottingham ULEV Experience project could act as the blueprint for other UK cities.

Government must clarify critical worker status

The BSIA is urgently calling on the government to clarify the status of critical workers in light of the closure of UK schools.

UK’s ageist attitudes revealed in new report

A study by the Centre for Ageing Better has claimed that the UK’s attitudes to ageing are overwhelmingly negative.

Scottish independence plans ‘paused’

Mike Russell has confirmed that the Scottish Government is no longer planning to hold an independence referendum this year.

Reform of council tax could aid ‘levelling up’ agenda

The IFS has claimed that revaluation and reform of council tax could be a key part of the government’s ‘levelling up’ agenda.

Ban on evictions and additional protection for renters

The government has announced a radical package of measures to protect renters and landlords affected by coronavirus.