Government Business 28.04

Government Business 28.04

Local action on tackling climate change

It is now less than 100 days until representatives from around the world will gather in Glasgow for Cop26

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been accused of missing in action, Cop26 President Alok Sharma has been found to have flown to 30 countries in the past seven months, which, when combined, stretches to 200,000 air miles, and Allegra Stratton, Johnson’s climate change spokesperson, has openly discussed why she chooses to drive a ‘third-hand’ diesel Volkswagen Golf.

But, do not despair. Away from the doom and gloom of Westminster, change is happening at a local level. 

In this issue we share the views of Rachel Coxcoon on some of the community-based initiatives changing the perception of climate and energy policy, Charlie McNelly and Rob Franklin explain how local authorities can embark on their net zero journeys, and James Goodman explores the importance of empowering communities to take action towards restoring nature in their local areas.

The pandemic has highlighted the inequalities that blight our regions, but it has also shown how change can progress undeterred when people come together to improve the lives of their communities. Let’s hope that local action will be recognised and encouraged in the lead up to Cop26, and that those currently ‘missing in action’ give it the focus it deserves.

Michael Lyons, editor

Event Diary

The Security Event is set to be the first major exhibition to take place in the sector when it opens its doors on 7-9 September 2021 at the NEC in Birmingham and for the first time it will also encompass the National Cyber Security Show.

digitech21 will seek to demystify the increasingly complex technology landscape and will showcase a host of public sector best practice case studies and the very best solution providers, each of whom are helping organisations to transform and improve the way in which the public sector delivers services to the citizen.

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