National Courier Association brings together 75 respected courier service companies from across the UK

As a body, the NCA keeps abreast of developments within the industry and monitors changes from outside the industry that could affect members.  As a collective unit it also has the credibility to make representations to the Government and other outside organisations on behalf of NCA members.

The NCA consists of 75 members, and for administrative purposes the country is split into seven regions: – Scottish, Northern, Midlands, Eastern, South Western, South Eastern and Greater London. Each region has an annually elected area representative who sits on the National Committee.  National Officers consist of an annually elected chairman and vice chairman.

The National Committee appoints three non-elected Executive Officers; these are the president, administrator and Treasurer.  Their role is providing continuity between annual elections whilst the Administrator is also responsible for the day-to-day running of the Association. The NCA is a democratic organization and it is the wish of its members that to maintain quality membership is restricted to only a certain number of Companies for the various geographical areas.

This normally means that there will be one member for provincial and rural areas, two or three members for the medium sized towns and cities and agreement is reached for the large city areas.

The NCA has a strict code of practice and new members are given a probationary membership for a period of one year with full members receiving ongoing adhoc audits throughout their membership.

The NCA prides itself on quality. If you are marketing a nation-wide service, you need to know that you can rely on the Association as a whole. 

Maintenance of standards is crucial. Until it’s closure early in 2012 many of the NCA member Companies were suppliers to the highly regarded Government Car and Despatch Agency, more recently some member Companies are now accredited to the new GPS Courier Services Framework Agreement RM1006.

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