Get your message out

Print is certainly one of the most powerful and effective communication tools an organisation can use. Today it is not simply a matter of putting images on substrates; it is certainly much more than that. Research has clearly illustrated that people pay much more attention to the printed word than messages (as clever as they might be) received on a mobile phone, tablet or computer. What is printed is invariably read and absorbed with the document having a longer real life span than perhaps digital images. Making use of both technologies results in a very powerful message.
Professionally designed and printed documents are certainly effective ensuring that your message, be it a report, study document, promotional literature, pamphlet or brochure is absorbed by the reader who can react to the communication.
There is always the question of cost, but surely it is the impact of the document and the response to it that provides a return on the investment rather than the production cost. Indeed the development of technology means that in real terms professional printing is now more economic than it has ever been and in a number of cases less expensive than doing the work in-house.

The creative industry
The British Association for Print and Communication (BAPC) is the leading trade association for the creative industry, which includes the graphic arts, print and communication sectors. The BAPC, run by printers for printers, provides members with a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience. Being frontline – the Association has concentrated on developing services and facilities that will directly help BAPC members and ensure that they are aware of the latest developments within the industry.
As industry insiders and business people the BAPC understands the kind of help its members need to ensure that they can provide their customers with the highest level of service. Furthermore the Association provides a raft of information, guidance and training facilities to help members understand the latest business trends so that their customers can truly benefit.
All this help ensures that BAPC members can effectively assist their customers in developing their own business and create greater success. From simple printing, creative design, web site development. Database and project management to distribution there is a highly capable BAPC member with the tools to provide real help.
Members of the BAPC are obliged to work within a Code of Practice and in addition many have a variety of ISO, Environmental and other formal accreditations. In the unlikely circumstance that something goes wrong there is an arbitration service available to help sort out misunderstandings.
A print business is now much more than a simple production house. Printers now understand the issues their customers face and for example, understand the use of data, so there is no problem in creating personalised literature which certainly has a greater impact than faceless mass produced, ‘seemingly fits all’ communications. Creating and advising clients on such matters as QR codes and apps is all part of the norm. Couple this with the fact that printers deal with many organisations that helps provide them with a breadth of knowledge and understanding of the latest business trends. This enables them to provide relevant advice and assistance to help maximise the impact of communications.
Print on demand is no longer a simple wish but is a reality ensuring that there are no delays in getting your message out there on time and delivered to where you need it. By helping maximise the use of various communication tools, printers can help ensure maximum response.
The BAPC ensures that its members are very aware of the difference between knowing the business and knowing how to do business. This knowledge is vital in the ever-changing world we all occupy.
By using a member of the BAPC, organisations have access to a huge resource of expertise, information and assistance.

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