A move away from ‘off-the-shelf’ digital services

Jos Creese, CEO of digital consultancy business CCL, looks at why digital public services means a move away from 'off-the-shelf' solutions

Making the next iteration of G-Cloud a success

With G-Could 12 around the corner, how will suppliers meet the challenges that continue to face potential customers?

Ensuring green spaces remain places of growth

What should public sector organisations be doing to ensure that their green spaces are in the best condition for the upcoming months?

A perspective on parks: Levelling up places

Rob Pearce, project manager at The Parks Alliance, explains why parks are one of the smartest investments for infrastructure spending

Why learning first aid at work is a beneficial life-skill

Emma Hammett discusses how first aid training has the ability to empower an organisation’s staff with the skills to help in an emergency

Time for a fire safety revamp, after inadequacies highlighted

Several reports have heavily criticised the London Fire Brigade in recent weeks. But what does it mean moving forward?

English DRS: Creating a genuinely circular economy

Richard McIlwain explores the impact that such a Deposit Return Scheme could make on the litter than pollutes our country

A step closer to truly accessible public sector websites

Digital inclusion for local councils is no longer an option, it’s a legal requirement, writes Hilary Stephenson

Nature – our life support system

Does prescribing contact with nature to boost mental health actually work? Dom Higgins examines the issue

Fuel poverty, it isn’t rocket science

The Energy and Utilities Alliance’s Mike Foster explains why the government and industry needs to do more to tackle the problem of fuel poverty

Bullying kills and bullying devastates

Based around their Out of the Shadows campaign, the PPMA's Karen Grave discusses the issue of bullying and harassment within public services

The climate crisis and local authorities

Mike Childs looks at how local authorities can ramp up what they are doing to tackle the current climate crisis

JUICE - the Joined-Up Infrastructure Conference & Exhibition

Does the UK’s ongoing torrid political landscape spell trouble for the future of EV growth and much-needed infrastructure projects?

Cities, houses and greenbelt-related problems

What is the relationship between housing and cities? Ahead of the General Election, Andrew Carter explores the policies and problems

Analysing public sector debt collection

Richard Haymes explains how data and analytics is helping to build a picture of vulnerability for people in debt

GB Base 5: Clean air in the capital

Government Business lists the five poorest performing London Boroughs in the area of climate action

GE19 Party Policy: Environment

With a General Election date only a few weeks away, Government Business looks at what the main political parties are pledging on a range of issues.

GE19 Party Policy: Brexit

With a General Election date only a few weeks away, Government Business looks at what the main political parties are pledging on a range of issues.