Zero Cost Property Management

Blue Door provides live-in security for commercial and residential buildings 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Live in security is the most effective deterrent to would-be opportunists signaling that properties are fully occupied. Our live in Guardians offer a proactive, interim security solution that provides clients with the peace of mind that vacant property is safe, secure and will continue to retain its value whilst our Guardians are in residence.

Live in Guardianship prevents squatting, fly tipping, arson, anti-social and criminal behaviour and helps to keep vulnerable void property out of the news.

Our guardians significantly reduce empty property risk compared to outdated traditional security methods such as static security guards, CCTV, intruder alarms or boarding up. What’s more, this effective security deterrent comes at zero cost to our clients. Yes, zero cost!  How do we do it?

Our Guardians pay a vastly reduces ‘Licence Fee’ (rent) for living as a Property Guardian providing security for the properties we manage. And our clients receive an income stream from the Licence Fees we collect from our live in Guardians. This win-win combination enables us to protect your empty buildings and bring them back into good use; provide temporary affordable accommodation for those Guardians who are saving for their own home, and realise a monthly income stream towards utility costs.

Blue Door Guardians are carefully selected and vetted from a screened list of reliable key workers, responsible young professionals and mature/post-graduates. Blue Door Guardians are not tenants; they are Licenced under a comprehensive contract delivered by our expert legal team. We require just 4 weeks notice before we hand back property keys to you.

Complimenting the legal framework of our transparent contracts with both clients and Guardians is our knowledge and implementation of current standards of environmental health and fire safety. Accredited professionals carry out full fire risk assessments and environmental checks before we place guardians in vacant property. This ensures that all property under our management is safe and secure.

We manage a variety of vacant residential and commercial properties including:

  • Care homes
  • Offices
  • Club buildings
  • Shops
  • Schools
  • Churches        
  • Post offices
  • Colleges
  • Fire stations
  • Theatres
  • Flats
  • Houses

Blue Door Property Management design a personalised contract for every new property we view after we have assessed its location, size and logistics. We offer a professional, responsive and quality service to our clients and use trusted Blue Door Property Guardians to protect your valuable building assets and property portfolio. We offer both short and medium term flexible live-in Guardian solutions depending on your immediate needs.

We are ISO 9001 accredited