Since its inception in 2000, Xexec has been a pioneer of gift voucher fulfilment, employee and customer online benefits, concierge services and reward and recognition solutions both in the UK and USA. Today, we are a multi award-winning industry leader. Our client base comprises of numerous global corporate brands with a broad range of products including Voluntary Benefits, Reward & Recognition, Incentive Schemes, Concierge Services, Retail Vouchers, a Travel Agency and Corporate Ticketing solutions.

Our solutions are built to specifically meet the needs of our individual clients from SMEs to large, global organisations with significant experience across the Public Sector with both central government departments, local authorities, schools, universities, and government companies. By partnering with Xexec, we hope to help you with:

Creating exciting voucher, reward, incentives and engagement programmes with efficient and best practice fulfilment
Innovating through great technology and generating cost savings
Driving good behaviours utilising bespoke incentives
Outstanding customer service and value

We deliver these solutions as a complete end-to-end service, ensuring we deliver not just the rewards and easy-to-use platforms, but also the thought leadership, management information for full ROI reporting, proactive Account Management, digital and print communications and Customer Support Services to ensure that your programmes are run efficiently and transparently.

Our diverse client base from across multiple sectors is testament to the flexibility and the relevance of our solutions. Our dedicated teams continue to ensure that the programmes are updated with the latest offerings and exclusive savings; and ultimately, that the products are useful to the end users across the board; be it salaried employees at head office through to contract and part-time workers.

Xexec has experience with multiple public sector organisations in both central and local government and has voucher relationships with most of the leading department stores, online retailers, travel operators, electronics and luxury gift providers on a global basis.

Bespoke gifting programmes and solutions

Xexec offers a number of bespoke solutions for clients looking to provide rewards, incentives, ‘thank yous’, hardship funds, compensation gestures and survey participation disbursements to their employees, members, suppliers and interest groups. Rewards can be themed (e.g., retail, travel, food, music, home assistance, automotive, experiences, charitable donations…) and can be delivered in multiple formats including digital e-vouchers, paper vouchers, gift cards, prepaid cards, and mobile redemptions. With thousands of established partnerships and an agile vendors team, our product options make finding the perfect reward/gift package for your specific needs achievable.

To help you deliver a programme perfectly suited to your requirements, we utilise two main types of redemption solutions: Digital Redemption Platforms and Manual Orders. Digital Redemption Platforms are custom designed websites offering recipients flexibility on the reward selection and the overall user-journey. Manual Orders allow you to order bulk volumes of rewards for a single population. Both options are completely customisable to your requirement and can be implemented quickly and effectively by our redemption team.

Discount programmes

Another way to offer rewards to employees, customers, suppliers, partners or other population groups is via a Discount programme, where end-users can be given access to 1000s of offers and deals covering the full range of lifestyle categories from consumer electronics to high-street fashion, food and drink to insurance, automotive to travel, entertainment and leisure to experiences and home decoration. You name it, we probably have a discount on it, and this can be a great way to thank, reward or incentivize.

Programme flexibility

Xexec offers full flexibility to all of its clients to define their own schemes and processes. Some client programmes simply involve Xexec fulfilling the delivery of vouchers to specific users with no involvement in the approval process. However, with other programmes, our online platform automates the entire approval and fulfilment process for individuals or teams. Our platforms can also support the delivery of non-financial awards in the form of personalised thank you e-cards or certificates. The platform is built in modular components and offers complete flexibility with regard to functionality, reward choice, and award rules, allowing Xexec to create a bespoke service to fit your current and evolving requirements.

The system has the ability to determine individual access rights, ensuring that colleagues only have visibility of the schemes, award choices, MI data and admin privileges that are relevant to them as determined by the client's eligibility rules.

Measuring and Reporting

Xexec recognises the importance of having comprehensive management reports in place in order to measure the success of its programmes. Reports are critical for internal auditing as well as being an assessment of the success of the programme, allowing management to decide how the programme is affecting engagement, and ultimately the ROI.

Reports can be sent directly from Xexec, or can be downloaded via specially-designed admin pages on the online portals. Xexec will schedule quarterly MI presentations to discuss any queries in the MI reports as well as proposals for updates and future changes. This is an excellent opportunity for Xexec and its clients to understand the ever-changing customer trends and refocus on any required developments. These reports will cover measures including total orders places, total spend, spend savings, average savings per user, average spend per user, most popular vendors, breakdown by region, and more.

For more information about Xexec and its bespoke reward programmes and platforms, please get in touch with Jamie King, Director of Global Rewards at Xexec.