The World’s First Incident Investigation App

Kelvin TOP-SET Offers Free Trial of Online Root Cause Analysis Course and Introduces TOP-SET Live, the World’s First Incident Investigation App.

Kelvin TOP-SET, the leading Incident Investigation specialist is offering a free trial of its e-RCA Root Cause Analysis online course to all readers of Government Business. The company is also pleased to announce the launch of the world’s first incident investigation App – “TOP-SET Live”

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is probably one of the most misunderstood terms in global industry. With over 30 years of practical experience teaching and conducting Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis, Kelvin TOP-SET realises that, for many people, getting to the real Root Causes of incidents poses a serious challenge. With this in mind, Kelvin TOP-SET recently launched its online e-RCA course. It is our belief that the Kelvin TOP-SET e-RCA course could help to save lives and reduce injuries in the workplace.

The course can be completed online in approximately 4 hours and requires no prior knowledge of RCA. It is suitable for anyone who may be involved in incident investigation and for those who simply wish to gain a better grasp of the fundamentals of good Root Cause Analysis.

Users are guided through the course with simple step-by-step instructions and a blended learning approach using videos, case studies with animated incidents, online exercises and interactive tests. Users learn how to conduct effective Root Cause Analysis and have ample opportunity to practise and perfect this vital investigation skill. The e-RCA course is highly interactive and can be easily accessed on multiple devices.

Here’s what some users are saying about the course:

“The e-learning course was very well constructed with relevant content - it hits the spot” - Training Manager, SapuraKencana Drilling

“The course did exactly what it said in the introduction. It was kept simple and the learning pace was adequate for people with no experience whatsoever... a great introduction to Root Cause Analysis” - Safety Officer, Allseas

2015 has also seen the launch of an innovative investigation App. TOP-SET Live enables teams to collaborate and solve problems from multiple locations in ‘real time’. Details, images, live sketches, audio and video can be shared ‘live’ from diverse locations. This means that team members can work together using the same information and data at the same time even though they may be physically separated – for example communicating from an office location direct with an expert at the incident site.

Iain Livingstone, developer of TOP-SET Live, commented: “Unique aspects of this App are that users can see and speak to each other whilst drawing on the screen and incorporating symbols if required. This allows investigators to easily highlight details of complex equipment failures and problems so that issues can quickly be identified and resolved.”

David Ramsay, Kelvin TOP-SET Group Managing Director said: “We are very excited to have launched TOP-SET Live. This application will be of great benefit to Government businesses. It is suitable for use in the investigation of incidents and the solving of problems in areas such as Central Government, Local Authorities, Government Agencies, the NHS, the MOD, the Emergency Services, HM Prisons, Housing Associations and Social Services.

It is a very powerful communication tool and enables crucial detailed information concerning incidents or problems to be discussed live. This substantially cuts down on time, travel and cost. Images and messages can also be stored for subsequent analysis and discussion.”

“As long as a 3G or Wi-Fi connection is available, this App can be utilised anywhere in the world including remote locations. The collaborative App was used successfully in a recent transatlantic investigation where several parties were able to simultaneously look at, discuss and draw on photographs of failed equipment. Although it has been designed for investigating incidents, it can be applied to any issue or problem and used as a valuable communication tool between several locations.”

Investigation is a vital process for understanding and preventing incidents, and, with the recent introduction of the cost-effective e-RCA course and TOP-SET Live App, Kelvin TOP-SET aims to continue to assist major companies and government bodies around the globe with their investigation and problem solving needs.

Mr Ramsay continued: “Kelvin TOP-SET has an established reputation for its Incident Investigation courses, e-learning tools and software and I am confident that the TOP-SET Live App will provide even more benefits to our clients.”

Although Government business is a prime sector for Kelvin TOP-SET, the company has a significant client base in many other industrial sectors including oil and gas, utilities, ports, marine, rail, airports and civil engineering.

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