Woodscape: An Introduction

Woodscape have been an integral part of the British landscape for decades, and you will  have seen our market-leading products many, many times. You will have sat on our benches,  had our bollards guide your path, walked upon or taken shelter under our numerous  crafted timber builds, and taken their quality and longevity for granted.

We provide products that go beyond their inevitable day-one ‘wow factor’ and become part of their location in a way that feels natural, almost generational, as if they were always there and always  meant to be there. Even if you don’t know our name, you know Woodscape.

Let us bring our beautiful products back to your attention, demonstrate the benefits of hardwood timber, and show how you can utilise both our standard and our custom designs to make the very best of your project, with the comfort of knowing that they will be utilised by this generation and the next, while still being just our little secret.

How was the company founded?

The business was founded in 1977 by John and Jeanette Buchan when Woodscape were one of the first to use naturally very durable timbers to create street furniture, in the early nineties their children Katy Hill and Richard Nelson joined the business.

Under Richard and Katy’s guidance, Woodscape has steadily grown into the much bigger business it is today, so now operates from a 45,000 sq ft manufacturing and distribution centre in Blackburn, Lancashire, employing 64 staff and working with the UK’s leading Landscapers, Architects and Developers.

What products do you have in your range?

There are hundreds of products featured in our catalogue, and while we are arguably most known for our hardwood seating, our planters, bollards, litter bins and signage continue to be extremely popular and are purchased by many different industries. Our products are used in a wide range of scenarios, from small community projects, to large scale redevelopments in our major cities.

What are your lead times?

While some basic products can be manufactured in days, and we pride ourselves on responding to the customers’ needs, typically we are working to construction deadlines and so manufacture is planned weeks in advance.

For many large developments, particularly those requiring bespoke designed items, our team will often have been working with the client for over 12 months, we aim for long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with the industry.

What key feature defines the company?

Many years ago Woodscape took the lead in the Street Furniture sector in obtaining FSC® Chain of Custody Certification as a statement of our principles in protecting the natural environment. Not because the market demanded it, not because it was commercially beneficial, but because it was ethically the right thing to do. FSC® CoC to us is a reflection of what our business represents and how we see ourselves, as a responsible, world aware company, eager to ensure our products reach the market without doing harm to the forests of the world.  


Woodscape is on a mission to help you Design The Nation by utilising our 40 years of experience in manufacturing bespoke street furniture to put your build front and centre among the very best.

#designthenation is our campaign to transform the UK with the very best of British craftsmanship, providing our customers with the very best in hardwood timber street furniture, all manufactured in the UK.

Be sure to download our brochures from woodscape.co.uk and see the many projects where our team have actively worked with specifiers, architects & contractors on custom schemes.

If you’re feeling inspired to see how Woodscape can work with you to transform your scheme with our bespoke street furniture, talk to our team on 01254 685 185 or enquire online at www.woodscape.co.uk