Since 2001, Westcotec has been at the forefront of the vehicle activated sign industry. Based in the centre of Norfolk, we have grown to become one of the biggest suppliers of quality vehicle-activated signs in the UK.

We design, manufacture and supply a comprehensive and complete range of vehicle-activated road signs and numerous systems that are triggered from a wide range of sensors.

In addition to conventional signs, we can create bespoke solutions to your individual traffic safety requirements.

Vehicle-activated signs

Using the latest LED and radar technology, we are able to provide effective solutions to most traffic related safety problems using light emitting symbols and legends for warning signs and roundels from the Traffic Signs Regulations & General Directions (TSRGD). Westcotec give a full six-year UK warranty with all fixed signage.

Speed indicator devices

Speed indicator devices (SIDs) accurately measure the oncoming vehicles speed and displays this value to the driver. A number of variations are available. The sign face itself can also display a number of different messages along with the speed such as SLOW DOWN.

Portable signs

Portable, lightweight signs can be carried and installed on different sites by a single person. They are battery-powered and include a full 12-month warranty covering everything apart from vandalism, impact damage and theft. Extra bracket sets can be purchased in order to easily move the sign without having to move the bracket.

Interactive road signs: consultancy, installation and service

The installation of interactive signing needs careful thought and design. We can provide skilled, professional advice and guidance to ensure that clients are able to achieve effective schemes at best value.

We can install and service your signs. We can repair and maintain other manufacturer’s signs, subject to survey.

Externally triggered signs

A number of sensors and triggers from external sources can be used to activate a set display on an LED sign. An example of such system is a low bridge warning sign to divert over height vehicles, as well as a flood warning sign which displays depth of the water.

School safety zone signs

Our school safety zone signs can be full or part-LED, along with being combined with a reflective backing. They have a fully programmable timer and a remote switching option. The times are able to be changed via Bluetooth.


Westcotec’s Automatic Number Plate (ANPR) System is a revolutionary new way of combining driver feedback with online data collection.

The system is a combination of ANPR camera, computer and LED sign. Every speeding vehicle activates the ANPR camera to take an image of the number plate and that vehicle. That number plate is displayed on the sign along with the speed limit of the road and a SLOW DOWN message. Furthermore, date, time, speed data and images are sent and stored online. This online website can be accessed by the client when given a unique log in and password and shows all of this gathered information from the system site.


Westcotec are now giving their customers the chance to by air quality sensors that can be deployed across entire cities or counties. The smart technology enables real-time monitoring of air quality via an online map.

Our mission is to build a dense network of sensors that will increase people’s awareness of what we breathe in everyday. It will also help identify sources of problems and their exact locations.


We have developed a fully variable RGB variable message sign which can be used in any application from gantry to trailer mounted.

Compliant to British Standard EN:12966, the VMS display can be manufactured in a variety of sizes depending on the required solution. Our unique case has enabled a high contrast ratio whilst not compromising on strength and rigidity.

Using bespoke software, our VMS can be remotely programmed through 3G on a Windows PC or on site through Bluetooth using an android device. TSRGD diagrams are pre-installed, however special messages or symbols can be inputted by the user if required.

Solar and wind power

Where a location lacks mains power or where mains power costs are prohibitive, solar and/or wind power is used on signs and systems. These signs are powered by 12V batteries recharged by solar panels and/or wind generators.

These have a low-maintenance requirement and are vandal-resistant. If you are considering this as an option then a site survey is essential. This is provided free of charge.

Data collection

Data collection can be enabled for all signs. This gives the user information on the speed of vehicles that travel past the sign, along with date and time. The data can be plotted into graphs to show averages and can be exported to excel.

Specialist signs and systems

We can design bespoke signs to meet specific traffic control needs. We have a proven track record producing innovative designs and state of the art systems, keeping ourselves one step ahead of the competition.

Our declared aim is to bring the technology of the future, to today’s roads. In-depth discussions with clients on their specific requirements has enabled Westcotec to gain the most comprehensive experience with road safety systems in England.

CE marking

After vigorous testing to European Standards, all of Westcotec products are now CE certified. This certification is required for all fixed signs that are now installed on the highway, including private sites.


Westcotec thrive on innovation, relishing the challenge of bringing new approaches to old problems. Alongside traditional speed warning signs the company produces very specialist devices including , Road Flood Warning and Bridge Height Warning systems and Collision Avoidance System.

Westcotec manufacture in their own factory based in Norfolk, utilising high quality, rigorously tested components. The single site for Manufacture, Technical Support, Research, Development, Sales and Marketing provides an ability to react swiftly to customer’s requirements particularly in the more specialist areas, this flexibility has led to custom in not only in the UK but also across Northern Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Westcotec are determined to reduce their carbon footprint so for every sign sold a tree is planted in the company owned woodland, to date this numbers in excess of 8000 trees.


Westcotec are proud to employ enthusiastic, dedicated and forward-thinking individuals to continually grow our product range and challenge industry limits. Many employees have worked within the company for many years developing new technologies, designed to keep people safe on our roads. The team has a wealth of knowledge and experience of our products and the industry, enabling us to provide a smooth and professional experience for all our clients.