Wayne's World Of Waste Removal

Domestic, commercial and municipal waste removed safely and responsibly –Swansea, Neath and surrounding areas.

When you hire a waste removal contractor, you'll expect more than the promise of a clean, empty space. As a public body with tight regulations and budgets, you'll be setting high standards for on-site safety, efficiency, recycling rates and more.

At Wayne's World of Waste Removal, we will work with you to make sure every job passes muster. Whether it's a simple house clearance or a whole construction project, you can rely on us to handle every type of waste material safely and responsibly.

Here are seven reasons why your project will be safe in our hands.

Decades of Experience 
After 35 years in waste removal, we've built a reputation across West Wales and handled everything from hazardous substances to everyday house and garden waste. So whatever we find on your clearance site, we have the knowledge, equipment and procedures to dispose of it cleanly.

A Licensed Operation
Natural Resources Wales has licenced us as an Upper Tier Waste Carrier. So you can be sure that:
We comply with every letter of the Environmental Protection Act (Duty of Care) 1990 and Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011.
We hold a range of insurance: Public, Product and Employer’s Liability, up to £10M.
We follow strict removal and chain of custody protocols, with documentation to report the outcome of every job.
We meet all necessary standards, from environmental aims to employment and safety procedures.

Comprehensive Risk Management
Health & Safety is more than a box ticking exercise. We’ll submit a detailed RAMS report ahead of every job, with mitigations for every hazard we identify at our first inspection. As standard, our waste handlers dress in full PPE, with additional protections where the job demands. And with rehearsed emergency procedures, we're ready for any incident that might occur on your site.

Environmental Standards
We aim to recycle 100% of the waste we remove – either by rehoming items or dismantling to give materials a second life. Inevitably, some waste goes to landfill, but that's always a last resort. Our end of project documentation will detail this, with transfer notes confirming final destinations.

Proven Reliability
Once we’re on your framework, it's a simple step to cost and schedule your next removal. And if a job can't wait – where onward trades are delayed, or Environmental Health demands an urgent response – we’ll code it red, and minimise the added cost of rapid turnaround.

Value For Public Money
We will never be your cheapest option. There are “man and van” crews out there playing fast and loose with compliance, so we can't do the job to professional standards by getting into price wars. But you will find us highly competitive, and always value for money – essential if you're under pressure to do more for less.

Final Word: Respect
In domestic work, there's a backstory to every clearance: death, eviction, separation, bankruptcy or other personal trauma. So our crews work with tact and discretion, handling sensitive items with due care. Because the pieces of someone's life deserve a human touch.

To discuss a waste removal project, please call us direct on 07505121488. Or visit our website below.

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