Vestre was founded in Norway in 1947 and, ever since, we have been passionate about the communities in which we live and work. We work closely with our customers to create caring meeting spaces that promote everyday democracy - places where people can come together across social, cultural and economic divides.

Before long, more than 70% of the world’s population will live in urban areas. This statistic, more than any other, means we must re-think the way we plan and use our urban areas – and this includes the choices we make around street furniture (seating, bins, bollards, planters and cycle stands). There are many aspects of street furniture that require great care in their specification: for instance, the essentials of form and function; the enhancement of an area’s unique identity; the incorporation of universal design and ergonomics; ensuring safety and security; and addressing mundane, yet vital, needs such as providing somewhere to put your rubbish.
These are all valid areas of focus, yet street furniture has the potential to do so much more, adding real value to our urban areas. But most importantly, we must now take account of our impact on the environment in terms of everything that we do. When selecting outdoor furniture, a vital consideration is sustainability: whether through material choice, manufacturing processes, logistics, or at end of life (cradle to cradle).

Our goal is to be the world’s most sustainable urban outdoor furniture manufacturer. We’ve started by integrating 9 of the 17 United Nations’ sustainable development goals into our furniture production. It’s going to take a lot to succeed in eliminating poverty, reducing inequality and stopping climate change. This is why Vestre donates at least 10% of its annual profits to sustainable projects worldwide.

In partnership with our Scandinavian suppliers we build products that last. All of our products are made in Scandinavia, using renewable energy, local materials and environmentally friendly production technologies. Vestre is quality and environmentally certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, and we are continuously developing new ideas and improvements with the help of our employees.

Long lasting products minimise the use of precious and dwindling resources, so our furniture is built to withstand heavy wear and tear. We use only high-quality Nordic steel and aluminium with the smallest possible carbon footprint, made possible by the development of new technology and the high degree of renewable energy used in production.

We cut metal using advanced, high-precision laser machines, generating minimal wastage. Welding is carried out both manually and by using automated robots and any metal left over is recycled. All Vestre steel components are then hot dip galvanised in a bath of liquid zinc which is heated only with renewable energy. This process deposits a layer of rust-proof alloy onto the metal, making it possible to leave our products outdoors for several decades, even in harsh coastal conditions.

Comprehensive cleaning and pre-treatment, involving many stages, are carried out prior to applying Vestre powder coating. The powder coating is applied electrostatically through advanced nozzles and the powder is then melted in an automated curing oven to give the product its final appearance. This process was developed for the Norwegian offshore industry to ensure a high-quality finish that complies with the strict requirements of Corrosion Class C5-M (EN ISO 12944). We offer nearly 200 different RAL Classic colours at no extra charge.

We don’t offer any tropical hardwoods in our products. Instead we select high-quality, FSC-certified Nordic pine as standard. Due to the cold climate, the trees grow slowly and, as a result, this pine is harder and more suitable for outdoor furniture than pine from warmer areas. Scandinavia has some of the most sustainable forests in the world. Vestre timber is impregnated with natural linseed oil, which offers lengthy protection against rot.

No matter how well made, poor maintenance has the power to completely alter the way furniture is used, turning a well-used space into somewhere that is actively avoided. Mismatched, broken or dirty furniture gives out the wrong messages yet unfortunately this is often today’s reality as budgets decline. Whatever the materials or finishes, high quality is therefore essential to ensure durability, support lengthy warranties, and minimise routine maintenance.
We use only hot-dip galvanised steel and aluminium, which do not rust. Our products therefore carry a lifetime warranty against corrosion.

We also provide a 15-year adhesion warranty on powder-coated surfaces that have not been subjected to attack by mechanical damage, impact and corrosive chemicals.

Both our standard Nordic pine and Kebony® come with a 15-year anti-rot warranty.

Even if disaster strikes and your product is vandalised or requires extensive maintenance, we can help! We will supply all replacement parts throughout the life of the product since parts are never discontinued.