Veran Performance

Do your back-office functions and technology platforms enable your business outcomes?

Are you confident that your HR and finance data is truly secure and compliant?

Do you have one source of truth?

Specialising purely in Cloud HR and Finance Transformation, Veran Performance is a UK-based consultancy who can support you to help you answer yes to all of the above.

Our foundations

Founded five years ago, we support HR and Finance teams to get better results from investments made in Transformation and Cloud technology. As a boutique, technology agnostic consultancy we specialise in selecting, preparing, implementing and optimising Cloud HR and Finance Technology.  We support clients to prepare fully for technology projects and ensure that their internal teams are trained to contribute effectively during the project and are able to take over ownership of the solution.

Why Cloud?

Several Government Departments are moving, or have moved, to Cloud based systems for their back-office services in order to deliver business-wide benefits. Cloud Solutions allow for the standardisation and streamlining of processes. Their transparency and focus on user experience can increase employee engagement and the self-service nature of Cloud HR Systems reduces general HR administrative duties. In addition, benefits derived from the data storage and management capabilities of Cloud Solutions cannot be underestimated.

Why Veran?

Cloud HR & Finance projects are complex and can bring as much risk and overspend as other large-scale IT / change projects. ‘We are just deploying out-of-the box’ is a common misconception, especially in large organisations.

Our experience of working on projects from the pre-preparation stage, through to service support, within both public and private sectors, enables us to pinpoint the challenges and risks that arise during Cloud implementations. We work with our clients to highlight the key decisions and activities that significantly de-risk their programmes so that they can be delivered on time, to budget and with tangible results.

Want to learn more?

Our extensive experience has shown that preparation and planning is key to ensuring a successful journey towards Cloud Technology. We run regular briefing sessions which focus on mitigating risk during HR and Finance Cloud Transformation, sharing lessons learnt, best practice and tested methodology to support government departments journey towards the Cloud. We use our experience at the Cabinet Office and Home Office to show the importance of up-front planning and preparation before implementation.

To find out more, please contact us.

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