Vending and beverage equipment with new ‘distance selection’ technology and anitmircobial solutions

As experienced with the current VOVID-19 pandemic, pathogenic microbes pose an ever-present threat to human health, causing incalculable financial & social impacts. Furthermore, the prevalence of healthcare-associated infections & antimicrobial resistance are global concerns. New innovative approaches are clearly required to ensure both employees and consumer safety, now and in future years.

Touchless – “Distance Selection”, Contactless purchasing, Antimicrobial touch screens, are now available for both hot drinks machines and snack and cold drinks machines, and Hands-Free water coolers, solutions that meet today’s demand for a safer work and public vending and beverage service.

We all know that coronavirus spreads from person to person and spores can remain on metal and plastic for up to 72 hours and has had devasting financial impacts on businesses across the UK, not to mention the social impact on everyone which will last for years. Economically the loss of trade/turnover will see many more businesses struggle to recover from the fallout of COVID-19.

We have seen lots of market sectors shut down vending machines, from private hospitals to leisure centres for fear of spreading coronavirus. With many contract catering operations closing-down staff restaurants and food services in the workplace, vending has an important role to play in providing, safer to use food, snacking, and beverage services in work and public places - 24/7.

Will the working environment ever come back? – remote working will become the norm for many people and will become permanent for many. Therefore, the demands to cater for a large workforce has reduced. Will your works canteen ever open again? What services do you wish to provide your staff for the next 5 years? What is certain, is that the future in very uncertain, as unemployment figures continue to rise, it is very unlikely things will return to normality for some time to come.

Vending machines with protective technology, helps minimise cross contamination and will be the way forward around the world as new advanced and innovative technology is introduced. Vending machines can provide a vital source of revenue during the pandemic and provide onsite facilities for staff and visitors.

24/7 Vending Hubs – offering Microwavable Ready Meals, Fresh Food, Hot Beverages, snacks, confectionery, and soft cold drinks.

Ready Meals offer an ‘East Meets West’ combination of microwave meals that are suitable for allergens, dietary, religious, and cultural diversities, low in fat, salt, and sugar for a healthy balanced light meal. With a long, ambient shelf life, they are ideal for Food Service “Out of Hours” 24/7, Combined with a fresh food vendor, it will allow for the provision of Food Service to replace staff canteens both day and night. (NHS CQUIN complaint). We see these new ambient ready meal vendors as the perfect solution if offering staff, a 24/7 food service solution, not quite 5* dining, but certainly a stop gap if pressed for a break and need some substance, particularly out of hours and night shift workers.

‘Vend, Heat & Eat’, ‘Grab & Go’ and ‘Eat on the Go’ have very much become part of our everyday life, even more so during the COVID-19, vending will cater for our evolving market for many months and years to come and offer a safer provision for food and beverages.

Fairtrade Vending offer a wide range of vending and beverage equipment to cater for any one single requirement, combined with contactless vending and new ‘Distance Selection’ technology we can offer tailor made finance packages to meet within budgets.

Fairtrade Vending work across all sectors, from sports and leisure facilities, hospitals, manufacturing, offices and b2b in both the private and public sectors and we have seen that people’s requirements are changing due to the pandemic, in so much that work forces have reduced with many on flexi hours and remote working, less customers and visitors = less demand. Customers in some cases have cancelled contracts altogether or are tied into contracts but no longer require x number of machines.

Vending and beverage equipment review

Fairtrade vending can undertake a complete review of your existing contract, the number of machines and staff you must cater for and plan for your future needs. You can settle your existing contracts with the finance companies and simply pay off the remaining contract or you can upgrade to a new contract, with safer technology, reducing the number of machines and build the settlement costs into the upgraded contract. This may offer a cost saving solution in the short, medium, and long term.

Planning for the futures working environment, given all the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and Brexit, is a question we are all asking, as no one can forecast how long restrictions will be place and what the long-term impact on the economy will be. What is certain is that everyone’s lives and working practices will change for many years to come and may never again be the same pre-COVID-19.

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