Founded in 2000, the last two decades have seen Twofold grow to be recognised as one of the UK’s leading providers of data and paper solutions to help you manage the ever-increasing volume of paper and data. Their products and services assure your compliance and regulatory requirements are met - leading to improved processes, increased efficiency, and greater control over your costs.

Understanding public sector issues

Twofold understands that public sector departments are under pressure to provide ever greater levels of service, but with a decreased budget and less resources. Their aim is to ease this pressure with a range of mailroom automation equipment and services, all of which improve and enable excellent communication, data processing, and management of information to stakeholders, giving greater transparency and improved customer service.

Phil Charnick, managing director of Twofold, explains their unique and robust approach, “Our solutions and equipment can interact with a wide variety of business and customer communication channels. These could include paper, email, PDFs, web-forms, SMS and mobile data, and we refer to this as an omnichannel approach. For example, an organisation looking to on-board customers or employees may receive documents in any, or all, of these formats. In the case of paper received in the post, we provide machines that can open, scan, and digitise the document to join emails queues, workflow, and line of business applications – for example, finance, customer service, or HR to name a few.” For documents that arrive already in a digital format, this data can be used to talk directly with other systems, or for example, automatically start electronic workflows with minimal manual intervention.

A range of solutions for inbound and outbound communication

Twofold offers a range of popular and resourceful devices to aid both inbound and outbound processes using inbound equipment such as scanners, letter openers, and intelligent capture; and outbound equipment such as franking machines, folder inserters, address printers, and paper folders.

Using outbound software in tandem with this mailroom equipment, Twofold can help transform inbound and outbound customer communications into digitalised emails, workflow, electronic, and physical documents.
Support and maintenance

In addition, one of the main benefits of choosing Twofold, is the ongoing support they provide. Not only will you be given the best advice to choose the right product for the job, you will also receive efficiency audits and reviews along with the very best in customer service when you need it most with regular maintenance, health checks, and support contracts protecting your investment.

Committed to providing an outstanding service to clients, they go to great lengths to guarantee that no matter what the application, each client is getting the most out of their paper and data solutions. Twofold is the only current independent provider of end-to-end content management from paper to digital that takes both a collaborative and holistic sales approach to improving the efficiency of the entire document lifecycle. This means that as a Twofold customer, you receive nothing but complete control and efficiency across all documents and data.

Experience and understanding

Twofold has been listening and working closely with over 200 public sector clients for many years to improve their business processes and strategy. This has given them the experience needed to help you no matter where you are in the journey, whether you use traditional mail services or would like to digitally transform your mailroom.

With Twofold you will have access to traditional postal goods and services such as security screening, franking machines, mailroom equipment. They also offer audits, efficiency reviews and consultancy services to help you develop your postal services strategy. A range of inbound and outbound services are available to transition from a paper-based mailroom to a digital environment, this includes solutions that incorporate new technologies and innovation, such as e-communications innovative service options, for a ‘digital by default’ paper-lite strategy.

Come and speak to us

The company can be found at numerous trade shows throughout the year including AIIM, AEA, and many Public Sector specific events, all of which Twofold Ltd is planning to attend again in 2020 to showcase their pioneering paper and data products and beneficial services to a wider audience of potential clients and customers. If you would like to get in contact and find out about how Twofold’s many specialist data and paper management services can benefit your company, then don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or email today. More information can also be found by visiting the website below.

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