Trust Resonate To Guide You On Your Digital Transformation Journey

We are knowledgeable and experienced experts with a portfolio that includes some of the most advanced collaboration solutions in the world, including Microsoft Teams. But that’s not the only reason you should entrust Resonate with your ongoing digital transformation.

We have all the credentials you’re looking for. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner with the expertise to transform your agency by implementing the largest, most advanced Microsoft unified communication solutions in the world.

One of our greatest selling points is that you’re not just buying into a technology solution. We will work with you to  maximise your efficiencies and deliver tangible business benefits.

Government experience

The Resonate team have extensive experience delivering UCC solutions over a diverse range of industries, and we have worked with government agencies, addressing the unique challenges of the public sector.

Looking forwards, not back

We also understand the challenges your organization is facing right now. Recent disruptive events have shown that digital technology and data are indispensable tools for governments as they adapt to sudden and unexpected changes across their agencies.

As we emerge from the current crisis, governments are now accelerating their digital transformation to support employees working from home and to take care of their citizens’ needs with services that range from delivering benefits remotely and at scale, monitoring virtual courts and hearings and outreach support.

Our Voice for Teams product range could be particularly relevant for you in this respect. This allows you to add voice to your Microsoft Teams account to call from any location and any device. It enables you to get the most out of your investment in O365 Microsoft Teams while retiring or complementing your existing phone systems.

But it’s not just about voice capability - we can integrate projects, messages and deliver a fully customised service to make your team more efficient in ways that go beyond communication.

Helping you seize the opportunities

We are also experts in helping the public sector make the most of their digital transformation opportunities. Governments that successfully navigate their transformation journey understand that the process takes more than just new technology. These organisations focus on their vision and strategy, culture, unique potential and capabilities – and then look to technology to meet all of their key business needs.

Modernising services with cloud-based digital technology during non-crisis times can help government departments better prepare  for whatever the next unexpected challenge may be. The agility of cloud services allows governments to scale and adapt services based on growth, connecting any device from anywhere and without additional hardware.

Support in key areas

Resonate can deliver the digital support you need in a number of key areas:

  • Implementing reliable modernised services to help you lead through crisis
  • Helping you govern remotely while continuing to provide all the key services
  • Building the trust of citizens by keeping their safety and interests at the forefront of your decision making
  • Introducing the latest cloud services fit for government
  • Providing intelligent security for effective cyber attack prevention

We know how to help organisations like yours consolidate multiple communication and collaboration channels into a single company-wide platform that is accessible from all devices. This enables a seamless user experience and transforms the organisation into a modern workplace environment.

Relevant migration experience

To give you an idea of our capabilities, we successfully migrated one public sector customer in the UK with a PBX system that was coming to the end of life. They needed to rationalise the features they were using and find a partner that could migrate them onto a modern Skype for Business platform. (It’s ironic that Skype for Business online is, itself, being retired in July this year – that’s how quickly technology is moving these days.)

Resonate mapped the legacy PBX system’s DIDs and features to the proposed Skype for Business solution and highlighted unused and unnecessary connections. Our team then identified some of the Skype for Businesses advanced features that would benefit our customer. We recommended how to approach them before implementing the solution for a large number of users spread all over the UK.

Our client was able to migrate its entire voice environment to Skype for Business and experienced significant IT and resource cost savings from the removal of its legacy equipment. They also rationalised their existing voice infrastructure requirements which led to further savings during migration.

The need for transformation is accelerating

Not surprisingly, recent events have prompted many governments to assess the state of their digital proficiency and resilience. This is leading to a dramatic speeding up of transformation throughout the industry, but there is no need to panic. We understand the needs of your organization will be unique and we are experienced at delivering customised solutions that will provide everything you need and nothing that you don’t.

Your successful transformation might involve the Power Platform, for example. This is an umbrella term for four different Microsoft products that add a valuable new dimension for Teams users. Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents enable you to uncover data insights in real-time, build new apps tailored to your individual business needs and establish time-saving digital workflows across your organisation. Whatever your specific needs may be, we will be able to provide an appropriate solution.

Working with, and building upon Microsoft’s world-leading technology, we are perfectly placed to help you enable remote access, empower cross-agency collaboration and deliver trusted and secure services.

Resonate has the expertise to help you ensure that you have security, resilience and architecture that is fit for purpose for the public sector, but also for your users. We achieve this by replicating all voice elements within Teams and extending the collaboration capability.