True Occupancy

True Occupancy is an occupancy analytics solution that enables you to optimise the workplace and reduce costs by understanding how your buildings and facilities are really used.

Our solution empowers property and facility managers with objective data that removes the guesswork from important space planning decisions.

  • How many people used this building today?
  • Do we have space for more people?
  • Are our meeting rooms the right size for our needs? Do we have enough?

Using our secure cloud platform, you can instantly see how buildings, floors, zones and even individual rooms are utilised, identify usage trends and measure performance against KPIs.

A True Occupancy solution can benefit all occupants of a building by providing real time space and room availability – reducing wasted time and boosting productivity.

Created by Irisys, True Occupancy draws on our extensive experience of people counting in retail stores and supermarkets where over 500,000 of our sensors have been deployed and are trusted by many of the world’s largest retailers.

Our sensors capture data anonymously, protecting both occupant and business privacy.

And because our sensors are only required at room and building entrances, a True Occupancy solution is highly cost effective and easily scalable.