Trak365 provides IoT solutions to the Industrial and Agricultural Sectors, with a focus on Facilities Management and Agri-Tech. We have developed a range of Industrial IoT products using intelligent edge computing devices. These connect to our Cloud platform for managing & configuring your devices, providing real-time monitoring with visualisations (if required) and data download for analysis. We use a low power network for delivery of data from our devices to your account on our cloud platform. Our devices are all battery powered, but can also be powered externally, using the batteries for fail-over power.
Our intelligent devices can be used for a wide range of applications. If there is a particular sensor you require, we can almost certainly incorporate it into your system. All our devices have accelerometer and ambient temperature & humidity sensors on board, with the option for GNSS (GPS) as well where exact location is required and for mobile assets.

Externally connected sensors and actuators (e.g. switching machinery on or off) can be connected to our devices. These sensors are sourced from the large component distributors, so any standard analogue and digital ‘off-the-shelf’ sensors can connect to our devices. This is particularly useful where you have existing, serviceable analogue sensors or data loggers that can be IoT enabled via connection to our devices.
Our solutions can be deployed inside and outside. You receive alerts based on thresholds you set for alerting and we can automatically turn plant or pumps on/off as well based on rules, putting you in control.

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