Tomorrow’s Learning for Today

Our cloud based immersive training platform, View360 GlobalTM, offers innovative, cost effective and engaging blended learning solutions for both private and public sectors that deliver results.

Cognitas Global is an accredited Skills for Justice (SFJ) Training Centre and are ‘Kirkpatrick New World Model’ practitioners.  It is important that our clients know that as a company, we approach all of our L&D projects and practitioner training by applying high academic standards and principles to achieve the outcomes.  Our qualified L&D practitioners work with you to provide cost effective learning solutions that transcend traditional methods and fully engage the participants. But what truly sets us apart from other training companies is our commitment to ensuring that from the start we work closely with our clients to ensure their precise needs are met and that meaningful and measurable results are achieved, rather than deliver an ‘off the shelf solution’

“The platform far exceeds anything else available on the market and delivers, successfully, immersive learning - 'Tell me and I forget, teach me and I learn, involve me and I remember'." - Jonathan Benton, Intelligent Sanctuary

Experiential Learning

Whilst Covid19 has brought about new and efficient methods of communicating globally, it has arguably created an increasing culture of ‘Zoom fatigue’ and consequential disengagement, particularly in the learning environment, and this is well documented. Whilst some people and organisations have transposed product material into a method of didactic delivery, we at Cognitas Global have responded by avoiding this and promoting learner engagement through blended learning, based on interactivity and collaborative experiential learning methods.

Using our innovative multilingual, immersive learning platform, View360 GlobalTM, we enable our clients to create bespoke learning solutions and simulations, deliverable in one location or remotely through the integrated video conferencing facility, in over 90 languages. Whilst the platform is an excellent tool that has been used extensively in over 25 countries for delivering capacity building and technical assistance in the criminal justice sector, it continues to be used in the private and public sectors for crisis management, compliance training, business continuity, Human Resource related training, safeguarding & education, and many other areas.

Its user-friendly interface and functionality are accessible through an internet browser and most importantly for many organisations that have security concerns, it requires no installation of third-party software. With cloud-based delivery and video conferencing functionality, it makes it possible for facilitator led learning to take place in a local environment or remotely, with participants located nationally or globally. Video breakout room functionality means that multiple participants can participate as a team and can communicate and receive responses in their own language, which are translated using an advanced Google API. Amazon Web Space encryption systems ensure security of data.

So how does this relate to training in the UK where people have never routinely had access to this style of learning, but may now significantly benefit from this in the future? Imagine the knowledge and skills delivered on a training course being transposed into a simulated exercise, so that by blending real world with authentic digital content, learners experience true reality. The ability to also engage remotely with same company offices or agencies on a national or international basis, where language is no longer necessarily a barrier to learning, also provides unique opportunities, but without the associated costs that traditional training events generated. But more importantly, engaging people in enjoyable learning that is quickly adapted into, and practiced in, the workplace, promoting transformational change.

Most importantly it just requires access to an internet browser and a suitable environment in the home or office in which to participate. This has never been more important when value for money and a return on investment is even more critical due to pressure on training budgets. Now your people can train together from multiple locations as if they were training in person, but without the associated costs.

Our ability to respond with agility to the needs of our clients as if delivering in person using our immersive platform from our dedicated virtual training suite in Kent, enabled us to reach clients, stakeholders, participants and other learners on many projects prior to the pandemic that were not able to progress key workplan activities due to travel restrictions. The fact that we can offer a technical solution beyond trainers or coaches sitting independently behind a screen with the risk of poor home internet connectivity provides a more engaging solution and is as close to training in person can be achieved in this current climate.

We at Cognitas Global would like to bring our experience of delivering experiential learning globally to your learning programme, whether as part of a transformational change project or a shorter program of education or skills-based training.