Our sophisticated platform has developed over the years to become one of the most advanced messaging platforms available today, whilst remaining exceptionally easy to use.

We can count a large number of local authorities, councils and government agencies among our customers, as well as countless schools, doctor’s surgeries, transportation companies and even a political party or two, so we know a thing or two about messaging for the public services. These customers have counted a huge range of benefits, including reductions in support calls, increased enquiries, increased bookings, fewer missed appointments, better staff punctuality and time and cost savings.

There are a whole host of ways that mobile messaging could help you operate more smoothly, cut costs and improve satisfaction, but here are a few things that our existing clients are doing:

Keeping people informed
With Messenger’s innovative attachments service, you can attach documents such as timetables, planned closure dates, FAQs and other information to a text message just like you can with an email – but with near instant delivery and 98% open rates.

Sending alerts and urgent messages
If a message needs to get out fast, SMS is the perfect medium, with 5 second delivery and 97.5% of texts opened within 5 seconds of being received. If there’s an emergency, there’s no quicker way to stimulate action, and if your recipients need live updates there’s nothing better.

Gathering feedback
Quickly gather feedback from your service users in a mobile-optimised data capture form; achieving higher completion rates than email or post thanks to the unbeatable open rates and convenience of a mobile platform.

Sending location based information
Help service users or local residents find their nearest centre or service with SMS based postcode look-up through a short code and keyword – one message from them can trigger an auto response from you with all the details they need, direct to their phones.

Improving call centre efficiency
Dramatically reduce time spent on unnecessary phone calls by sending important information quickly in a text message, saving you time and money that you can spend elsewhere.

Appointment reminders
Reduce missed appointments by sending cost-effective reminder messages to your residents, clients or service users a day in advance. This sort of service can dramatically reduce no-shows, allowing you to plan and use your time more effectively.

Building a network
Allow local residents to quickly opt-in to your messages by including a short code and keyword in any communications, meaning you build up that all important database for more effective communicating.

Seamless integration
Use our API gateway to seamlessly integrate our SMS service with your existing management software, making the process even quicker and easier. We can integrate with almost any management software package, and our Tech team are always on hand for help and advice.

Referring people to your website
Easily remind people of your web presence by including trackable links within your messages, driving traffic to your page and answering queries without the need for time consuming and costly phone calls.

Encouraging programme signup
Running a new stop smoking initiative or support group? Make it easy for peoples to register their interest by providing a short code and keyword for them to text in to.

Group communications
Facilitate communication between department staff or members of a support group or other initiative by creating an SMS contact group. Make your messages more personal with a range of customisation options, including merge fields for a variety of information.

What our clients say:

“Mobile messaging helped us reach out to younger people in the community who are traditionally hard to contact.” - Somerset District Council

“Instant, real-time communication increased the amount of shifts covered through SMS shift reminders…Textlocal offers a simple text message solution for us ensuring efficient use of resources and staff.’” – Sussex Local Authority

“Sending text has helped in keeping our members on the right track and it's an extremely cost-effective tool for us.” – NHS Knowsley

“In the event of disruption, telephone calls from passengers have reduced by 40% since introducing SMS alerts… We couldn't be happier with the Textlocal service. The platform is so simple to use and has reduced our drain on resources” – Southdown PSV

“We were very pleased with the Textlocal service and the results we achieved. The service was quick, efficient and easy to use.” – Perth & Kinross Council

“The results have been very positive, meeting our expectations. All recipients each month are logged and there is a clear increase in calls after a text message campaign.” – Newcross Healthcare Solutions

For more information, call us on 01244752299 or visit our website: www.textlocal.com.