Tech Amigos

We are a young, dynamic and versatile technology consulting company with a mission to enable business innovation by truly delivering on the promise of Agile and DevOps. We help create modern, scalable technology stacks in cloud and automate the software delivery to increase speed, agility, and quality.

The journey to cloud adoption can be confusing, daunting and intimidating experience with so many different services, configurations and costs to consider. We make this journey easier for our clients by understanding their challenges and designing cohesive and cost-effective cloud native architectures. The use of Infrastructure as code (IaC) framework means that we can provision cloud services which are cloud provider agnostic.

Automating processes is at the heart of the amigos ethos; accelerating the way these deliver, without compromising quality. We do this by using our collection of frameworks, patterns and ready-made pipelines to accelerate our customers' DevOps capability.

Throughout the agile journey, we work closely with clients to ensure solutions are in-line with their business and technology goals.

Core services

Cloud Design - This service guides the clients through an explorative process; selecting, designing and plumbing different cloud native services to provide a cohesive, cost effective cloud solution. We go beyond the “hype” and develop working prototypes for specific use-cases to prove the concept and establish an approach that is “right” for our clients.

Cloud Automation - As a G-Cloud provider and AWS partner, we are committed to helping our clients get the best value out of pay-as-you-go cloud services and helping ensure projects conform to standards for security, compliance and reliability. We use Terraform to create scalable and consistent technology stacks across staging and production environments.

Continuous Delivery - This service enables the cultural change for speed and quality by streamlining the engineering process and increasing its efficiency. Our amigos have built a DevOps toolkit that enables faster delivery of software pipelines. This toolkit is continually enhanced to support different technologies and deployment patterns. We apply a “Continuous Delivery” mindset and automate every aspect of the pipeline to increase the speed of feature delivery, whilst ensuring quality and reliability. Our approach to software deployment pipelines encompasses:

1. Continuous Integration (CI) - As engineers commit code in the code-repositories, the CI pipeline kicks-in and ensures that it’s packaged, tested and analysed for code quality, before it can be deployed to the target environment.
2. Continuous Deployment (CD) - The tested code is then promoted safely and consistently through staging environments before landing in production. We rationalise the release process and provide necessary governance, without slowing down the speed of delivery.

Once, in production, we provide the necessary tools and patterns for monitoring and alerting the health of the cloud service.

Feedback is an important aspect of continuous delivery and we provide that at every stage of the pipeline from development through to production.


We take pride in providing outcome based pricing. This ensures that our clients pay for the working solution rather than days.


In addition to providing the core services, sometimes our clients also need help in other areas of software development. That is why we have created “Amigos Hub”, a collaborative partner ecosystem. This is our way of “complimenting” our services, so we can offer richer solutions to our clients.  All the partners within the Hub are carefully picked, tried and tested for the niche skills they bring to the party and work to a common quality standard. Although the service may be provided by different partners in the background, we take overall responsibility and the client always deals with one of our amigos.

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We can carry out a DevOps maturity assessment to establish, where we can bring in efficiencies and address bottlenecks in the process. Contact us for a free assessment here.

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