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Stuart Canvas is a leading manufacturer and supplier of bespoke cover solutions and sports equipment in the UK.  The company has over 45 years’ experience in manufacturing using a variety of materials. The company specialises in the manufacture and design of ready-made and bespoke covers for a range of different sectors including; sports, defence, construction, supply chain, transport, leisure and domestic settings.

Sports Hall & Leisure Centre Netting
Stuart Canvas is the leading manufacturer of Sports Hall & Leisure Centre sports netting.   Our retractable sports hall multipurpose divider netting are designed to reduce the space needed for indoor sports practice, as they can be safely retracted and stored to keep out of the way when not in use. This makes them ideal and convenient for use in school sports halls and leisure centres.

At Stuart Canvas we produce an install custom made indoor netting to the customers’ requirements.  We can add integrated fabric sightscreens to the mesh netting to provide a complete netting system for both bowlers and batters.  Our nets are designed to absorb the high impact of cricket balls to create a safe area for indoor practice for players and spectators.

We can offer our customers a site visit to assess their current facilities and advise on the best possible solutions for their particular needs.  We offer complete supply and installation service which includes netting and all the fixtures and fittings needed to create a complete system. We can also upgrade and refurbish existing netting systems to the same high standards as our complete new systems.

Cricket Mobile Batting Cages
The Stuart Canvas Cricket Batting Cage allows for both batting and bowling practice to take place on tradition or synthetic wicket.  The batting cage can be easily moved by two people thanks to its large caster wheels.  Once in place, the cage can be locked into place using simple pegs.

The County Batting Cage is 7.6m long x 3.6m wide x 3m high, complete with 6 x swivel wheels for ease of use.

The cage is robust and manufactured from galvanised box section steel. Supplied complete with one piece netting, with an optional opening at the back, for the wicketkeeper to use and is great value for money.

Mobile Cricket Covers
Stuart Canvas is the leading supplier of Mobile Cricket Covers in the UK.  Over the last 20 years, we have designed and manufactured high-quality covers, for every first-class County Ground as well as many leading Clubs and Schools in the UK.

Over the last 20 years we have listened to the suggestions from club, school and county ground staff and have worked to change and improve our design to ensure that today our mobile covers are some of the best on the market.

As many town and village cricket clubs only use one grounds person (or none at all), it is imperative that individual sections of the mobile cricket covers are easily manoeuvrable, which is why our modular design is ideal for clubs and schools of all sizes.

Tennis Court Covers
Stuart Canvas can cover any surface of court from grass, tarmac, artificial grass, clay and many more.  We would choose the right material for your surface.
We can provide 2 different types of tennis court cover:

Rain Covers
Our sheets are made of lightweight material and can be rolled out by a minimal number of people, making them ideal for club or private use on all tennis court surfaces. Each sheet is made to measure to suit individual requirements, and provides protection from wet weather. The man-made sheets are designed to let in light without ‘burning’ the grass, whilst also being treated to withstand damage caused by fungicides and bactericides used on grass courts, thereby prolonging their life.

Stuart Canvas can also sign write any branding that you may require on the cover.

Debris Cover
Our debris tennis court covers are ideal for use in the autumn and winter to prevent leaves, twigs and other natural debris being deposited on your hard court surface. By protecting the playing surface you are also prolonging the life of the court by preventing moss and weeds from developing.

Tennis Indoor Backdrops
Here at Stuart Canvas we can provide tennis indoor backdrops for indoor tennis centres, after an initial site visit, we can remove the old backdrops and measure, manufacture and install your new backdrops.

We would firstly come and undertake a site visit to discuss your requirements and make suggestions.  We would then measure and supply a full quote.  Upon contract reward we would then supply CAD drawings of the layout and sizes. There are a variety of options to secure your tennis indoor backdrops, for example using tensions wire or bolted into the wall. We will advise on the best application after a site visit to see what best suit your courts. We can also accommodate fire exits and windows.

With a choice of colours and materials we can completely transform your tennis hall in a matter of weeks.

Tennis Umpire Chairs
Stuart Canvas can manufacture to your requirements umpire chairs.  We have several standard chairs and these are

The Championship Wooden Umpire Chair
This chair is as used at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships. The chairs comes with the umpires tray, saw dust box, wheels and axles and all made from the same wood as per the Championships Chairs.  The chair is made from Redwood and measures 2.7m high by 1.46m deep.

Standard Wooden Umpire Chair
This chair is main from Redwood and is hand painted to a colour of your choice. It measures 1.93m high by 1.4m deep. The seat sits at 1.5m high. It comes with a umpires table as standard.

Standard Steel Umpire chair
We can make standard steel umpire chairs as used at the Wimbledon Qualifying event. This steel chairs are powder coated to whatever colour you so wish. They come with a sturdy base and a plastic seat along with a umpire tray. They measure 2m high by 1.4m deep.

Aggregate Bay Retractable Covers
Our retractable aggregate bay covers provide an innovative waterproof covering solution to protect all types of bulk products being stored outside. Stuart Canvas are able to produce retractable bay covers which can operate independently (single & multiple bays) and use a wall mounted tracking system to allow the cover to retract for loading and unloading of products.

Our systems also included protection for the front and rear of the bays to prevent water ingress from all sides. This type of solution has proven to offer excellent protection for kiln dried products reducing the amount of wastage by 30%.

We offer a design, supply and installation service and also have a dedicated R&D team that can solve any unusual covering issues or requirements you may have.