Staff Engagement and Well-being App that Everyone Loves

Endorse CEO and Founder Matthew Richards has built an ethical recruitment network that gets the balance 100% right. Cost-effective quality healthcare recruitment that protects international talent…. now he has naturally gone to the next step to ensure your talent is retained.

“EndorsePeople gives employees everything they need to stay motivated and inspired, creating happier, more compassionate working culture.” Matthew Richards, CEO

With over 60% of the UK workforce are disengaged. This combination of absenteeism, employee turnover and retaining costs public sector organisations and the economy £340 billion a year, and that bugs us at Endorse as we know that our public sector workforce is one of the greatest in the world.

Our theory is simple: engaged employees are happier, perform better, are more compassionate and stick around for longer. That is why we created EndorsePeople, the only employee engagement application created for and to serve the public sector and its heroic employees.

We focus on six core pillars to ensure employees receive an all rounded experience:

1. My Day- Focusing on employee morale and wellbeing
2. My Goals- Focusing on employees personal and professional growth
3. My Feedback- Focusing on staff appreciation and reward
4. My Ideas- Focusing on employee innovation and collaboration
5. My Career- Centres in staff career progression and talent planning
6. My Performance- Focusing on staff engagement and performance

Insights into employee morale

EndorsePeople’s pulse surveys are the next generation in employee engagement, designed to simplify and structure the way to collect employee feedback, giving you a real time view of your organisation without any complexity.

Pulse surveys works by constantly checking with your teams with a few simple questions. We have worked hard to ensure EndorsePeople puts your employees in the driving seat, which is why our pulse surveys and confidential, simple and quick to complete.

To give you confidence and that you’re getting feedback from the right areas, EndorsePeople comes with a library of ready to use and automated pulse surveys which spans over several topics. These questions will allow you to get to know your employees better, whilst allowing you to understand how your organisation differs between department, teams, demographics and over a period of time.

One of the biggest challenges is to know what to do with the results. Often great feedback can be overlooked and never making the impact it deserves, EndorsePeople comes with a real time dashboard, which allows you to quickly identify common themes, potential organisational issues, before they become bigger problems.

Supporting employee well-being

Traditionally, employees are reluctant to complete surveys as they don’t get anything in return. The intuitiveness of EndorsePeople, allows employees to view your relevant staff perks, products and services that match their survey results, empowering and supporting employee’s well-being needs and giving them easy accessibility.

EndorsePeople understands the importance of engaging with employees emotional and physical needs by keep in constant contact. One in six British workers is suffering from stress, anxiety or depression. You don’t need us telling you why that’s a bad thing.

“Stress and anxiety are among the biggest cause of employee absence. Our platform helps employers to prevent such issues before they arise.”

Inspiring employee growth and propelling careers

One of the main reasons employees leave their employer is due to career progression, EndorsePeople understands that to retain the best talent, talent needs to be nurtured into roles they are passionate to develop into, this is was our app allows employees to nominate desirable future roles and select goals that will support their development into where they want to work. The app will send internal job alerts to employees once they feel they are ready to move on, giving you plenty of notice of their intentions and identify potential service risks.

The power of EndorsePeople allows employers to become aware of when their employees are ready to progress, identify threats within their service to plan ahead of time and identify potential succession.

“Imagine having the ability to predict your future workforce turnover…. EndorsePeople allows you to identify and plan ahead of time to prevent any impact to services, patient care and unnecessary recruitment  and agency costs.”

Empowering Staff Appreciation and Collaborating innovation

My Feedback and My Ideas supports the emotional wellbeing of employers by enabling both peer to peer and manager to peer recognition. Rewarding and recognising high performance and contribution is crucial in the creation of winning Trust culture. It’s estimated that employee engagement, productivity and customer service are 14% higher in organisations where reward and recognition take place.

EndorsePeople Inspires, innovates and motivates your employees to become part of decision making and the development of new ideas. EndorsePeople understands that many junior employees can become frustrated and leave when they don’t feel they can contribute. Staff engagement is imperative to retaining talent as it is equally important to listen to those with great ideas.

My Ideas allows any employee to submit an idea, big or small. Equally employees can view all ideas, make comments and rate ideas from a range of categories including patient care, Patient experience and improve efficiencies.

My Feedback showcases exceptional employees’ contributions toward all aspects of your organisations life. Simply search who you’d like to recognise, choose the reward you would like to present and either make it private or public for everyone to see.

Shine a spotlight on the people and teams going the extra mile. Ensure everyone is recognised for a job well done. EndorsePeople allows you to identify the key contributors, leader, movers and shakers.

Unlocking Your Employee Performance

Giving employees the tools to self-monitor their performance can elevate and motivate learning and development. My Performance gives employees the ability to see how they are shaping up and compare themselves with their colleagues.

Using a clever algorithm, the app explains to employee why they have been positions in a particular grid location, but most importantly how they can improve. This can create useful conversations between employee and manager and encourages the use of the app and motivate staff to get involved and contribute towards the organisation.

At a single glance, employers to view the performance landscape of their Trust, identify under performance to their future leaders. This can support managers to developing succession plans within their departments and understand potential workforce risks.

“Identifying talent is sometimes like finding a needle in a haystack. My Performance allows you to identify talent across the organisation, via department and service line, it is truly amazing!”

EndorsePeople allows you to upload all your staffing benefits and discounts, making them easily accessible. Allowing you to track and monitor which benefits and discounts are most important to employees, allowing you to react to your employees needs and increase the chance to retain staff.

Proven benefits include:

  • Improved Employee Morale and Well-being
  • Reduce Recruitment and Training Costs
  • Inspire Innovation & Creativity
  • Improves Trust Culture and Community
  • Understand Your Employees and Reduce Risk
  • Become a Beacon to other Employers

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