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Those organisations that capitalise on post COVID-19 opportunities and celebrate new ways of working will undeniably hold the upper hand competitively. To entice people back into the office, the workspace must be safe and agile enough to cater for new ways of working. Stakeholders also require their workspaces to align with their objectives, attract and retain talent and to be resilient to changing business climates.

What we do

Space-pod is an office design, fit out, refurbishment and relocation specialist, serving the commercial and government sectors throughout the UK. As advocates of agile, activity-based working, our dedicated, highly skilled team of commercial interior designers, project managers and build professionals provide a one-stop solution to meet the demands of the smart working revolution.

Our approach to design has always been led by a solid understanding of the individuals who occupy the space and the unique business attributes that underpin the culture of an organisation. By understanding the DNA of an organisation; what the key influences or drivers are, the ebb and flow of the working day/week, the pinch points, the pressures and how their customers are served, we’re able to design and deliver working environments that empower people to work where, when and how they choose, where individuals, teams and leaders thrive. To top it all off, we get a buzz from doing this with minimal disruption to the organisation, often running busy sites whilst they are off-line, overnight.

New ways of working

Work is no longer a place, but an activity – the world of working has long been evolving with rapid advancement in technology, multi generation workforces and leadership styles that have shifted from autocratic and task oriented to collaborative and people oriented.

By creating a culture of trust and openness and providing the tools to work seamlessly between internal and external spaces, they will attract and retain talent and be better equipped to cultivate future leaders. There are also obvious savings to be made in optimising real estate and streamlining processes.

How do we return to work safely?

How do we facilitate a post COVID-19 return to work that embodies all of the above while dealing with the inevitable long-term impact on our mental, social, physical and financial wellbeing?

Physical changes to the working space

We are working closely with our clients to support a phased return to the office by modifying existing work areas in the short term to be COVID-19 compatible, whilst also looking at longer term working solutions for those keen to capitalise on the cost and efficiency savings that smart working provides.  

Employee experience

Employee wellbeing has a firm seat at stakeholder level and never more so than in the pre and post COVID-19 working climate. With anxiety and stress levels at an all-time high, the business call for a redesign of employee experience is strong. While people strive for a meaningful role, with fair pay, transparency and growth, it’s kindness and connection that are topping the list of essentials. A human centric focus builds stronger, more meaningful relationships and boosts employee engagement.

Provide spaces where people can focus, learn, collaborate and rejuvenate

There will be some individuals racing to return to the workplace, tired of drafting corporate strategies to the dulcet tones of their next-door neighbour’s umpteenth lockdown project. Others who have relished their newfound freedom to start work at 6am so they can head off on a revitalising 2-hour dog walk at lunchtime, might not be so eager to relinquish that flexibility.

Technology has enabled work continuity through these unprecedented times but sharing screens doesn’t quite hold a candle to writing on walls and collaborating in situ. A successful workplace encourages collisions which kickstart creativity and innovation.

By creating an ecosystem of zones within the workspace, that empower people to choose from a range of working options and that are aligned with core business objectives and cultural expectations, the workplace becomes agile and well equipped to respond to inevitable changes in the business climate.

Providing solutions

Given that two of the biggest drivers of corporate real estate strategy are employee engagement and talent attraction/retention, it’s vital that the transition to to a smart working environment is a well-executed process and not a series of ad hoc changes.

Our Spatial Design team have been evaluating products and adaptive thinking to provide a variety of HSE compliant solutions to help get people back into the working environment. To download our ‘COVID-19 Return to work roadmap’ please visit our website.

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