Is someone else listening?

We are a dedicated group of highly trained and experienced agents who use some of the latest and most advanced equipment to locate illegal audio, video and mobile tracking devices that may have been planted by an individual or company to invade your privacy and as a result cause financial or other forms of harm.

It is now a very common occurrence for eavesdropping devices to be fitted, where even highly sophisticated bugging and tracking devices are available on the Internet.

Bugs are being used for everything from marital disputes to industrial and commercial espionage. The result of being bugged

Are you or your company at risk
For many companies and individuals, the thought of being spied on or bugged through electronic surveillance seems a little beyond belief. The facts however show a very different story, with thousands of companies and individuals being affected each year by illegally fitted electronic surveillance devices.

Both privacy and confidentiality are destroyed if someone takes steps to utilise electronic eavesdropping in order to find out movements or to listen to private or business discussions.

We have highly trained, and very discreet counter surveillance agents who are able to provide a secure and private service. Our line of work and expertise is to ensure that illegal devices in the place of work, or in the home do not compromise your client’s privacy; we also search for and remove trackers and listening devices in vehicles.

Listening bugs that can be bought for a few hundred pounds can potentially destroy companies, individuals and reputations.

We cover the majority of the UK with a 24-hour response time (2-8 hours for emergency cases) and we will sign a suitable NDA according to your requirements.

We will search for and can remove all types of listening devices including advanced GSM and encrypted transmitters, frequency hopping, burst transmission and also ultra high frequency (microwave) devices.

We can search buildings, offices, private homes, cars and commercial vehicles. We work 7 days a week, and 24 hours a day, and provide very competitive rates when working direct, or further reductions for business-to-business.

Who else offers bug sweeping?
There are only a few dedicated counter surveillance companies within the UK. Most “bug sweeping” is offered by private investigation agencies, many which have spent a few thousand pounds on a “bug detector” and will offer a sweep service for a discount cost. In nearly all situations the equipment used by these agencies is at best basic, and will normally only locate the simplest of bugging devices, and in many cases will not be capable of locating or detecting anything that may be fitted and secretly working.

Most eavesdropping devices can only be reliably detected and located by much more advanced equipment, and a dedicated counter surveillance company like Secured Area Services may have invested tens or hundreds of thousands in suitable equipment.

How do I know if I am bugged?
It is a question often asked, but sometimes difficult to answer. Some clues of being bugged can be taken from others knowledge of your plans and actions, comments relating to information that should be secret, personal details escaping, or even lost orders to a competitor that seem suspicious.

In truth it is often impossible to know until it is too late!

Contrary to popular belief, it is extremely easy to place an illegal listening device, either in an office, home or vehicle.

How can a bug be fitted?
Think about your office, think about the people that enter and exit during work time for appointments or deliveries; it would not be too difficult for someone to gain entry this way.

Think about after work hours when the cleaners arrive; this is a common and fairly easy way in, disguised or even employed by the cleaning company without their knowledge. In truth, someone that wants to place a listening bug may not fit it themselves, but instead they may employ the services of an investigation agency or similar, where skilled personnel will do it for them; this is a very common service for some investigation agencies.

Often the threat can come from within, and we have known instances of devices being planted by employees wanting to learn about the latest pay review, or employees that have a family member or friend working for the competition.

Full electronic sweeps from 10Hz to 12GHz +
Our counter surveillance teams sweep all areas up to 12GHz for ALL types of listening and video devices operating on all variations and levels of technology.

Equipment used

  • Near field and far field spectrum signal analysis equipment (12GHz)
  • Non linear junction detectors (3.6 GHz deep probing signal)
  • GSM dedicated detectors and locators (These can locate all GSM devices)
  • Near field radio transmission locators
  • Video and camera detectors and locators
  • Signal audio and modulation analysers
  • Telephone wiring and device detection equipment
  • Low frequency and mains wiring device detectors
Series of low and high frequency detection antennas

Listening bugs and threats
It is very easy to purchase a wide range of listening and spying devices from electronic shops, or from Internet suppliers by post. With the exception of the simple transmitter, only specialist equipment can reliably detect and locate the remainder.

  • Simple AM or FM transmitters
  • Frequency hopping transmitters (constantly change frequency)
  • GSM transmitters (Work like a mobile phone)
  • Remote control transmitters (can be switched off remotely)
  • Burst transmitters (record and then transmit for only a few seconds
  • Video transmitters
  • Encoded transmitters and receivers
  • Vehicle trackers and vehicle listening bugs

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