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National Social Value Conference 2020 – Time to Act
London | 29-30 January 2020

It’s been almost exactly 7 years since the Social Value Act was implemented. Much has changed since then but still many organisations are still struggling to implement the requirements of the Act, 55% of councils do not have a social value policy, and central government has been behind the curve.

The good news is that real leadership is emerging across all sectors with the innovators delivering more value for their communities. This includes more local spend, more jobs for local people, better skills, less crime, healthier communities and more volunteering – better value for communities.

If you’re on the fence, it’s time to shake off your inertia; it’s Time to Act and make sure your communities do not lose out.

The National Social Value Conference 2020 will bring together professionals from across the public, private and third sectors to share what works (and what doesn’t) to deliver more for our communities. From integrating social value in procurement and central government spending, to unlocking investment in our communities and understanding what good social value looks like, Time to Act will challenge us to explore new ways of thinking and promote more collaboration and innovation across sectors. We will also explore how local authorities and businesses across the UK can contribute to the UN Global Goals and launch the new 2020 National TOMs social value measurement framework.

Contributors and key speakers include the LGA, Big Society Capital, UBS Wealth Management, Demos, Bristol City Council, TUC, Demos, CBI, STAR Procurement, Durham County Council, Legal & General and Scape Procure. Click here for more information on our speakers.

Time to Act is sponsored by Proactis, Countryside Properties, Prologis, the Local Government Association, Crown Commercial Services, Wilmott Dixon and Sodexo.

Who should attend?

  • Councils Officers and Members will learn about good practice, what is working well and how can social value be maximised
  • Businesses that are looking to understand how to improve their social value offers and win more work, also to meet your customers to better understand their needs.
  • Planners and Developers who want to learn how to embed social value into the planning system and developers who are looking to do more
  • Investors and Community Leaders who are looking to tap into the social investment market to deliver greater impact and solve some of societies toughest challenges.
  • Social enterprises, charities and voluntary organisations who are delivering social value to communities and want to collaborate with businesses and win public sector contracts

Agenda – Day 1 – Hosted by the Social Value Portal

  • Maximising Social Value through good practice procurement: This session will include examples of good practice from around the country.
  • Embedding Social Value into central government spending: This session will explore the unique challenges that central government is facing on embedding social value into procurement and explain the latest government thinking.
  • Integrating Social Value into the planning process: What steps need to be taken in order to embed social value into the planning process, and are we seeing the emergence of a new ‘Merton Rule’ that will require all developers to submit social value proposals as a part of their planning application?
  • Measuring Social Value with the National TOMs Framework: How are the TOMs being used to unlock better value and how can they be adapted to meet the challenges around promoting ‘good work’ and responding to a declared ‘climate emergency’
  • Procurement and commissioning - Being Radical: Leading councils will debate whats next and should we get more radical to deliver more value.
  • Social Value and Real Estate: Leading investors and developers will debate the linking between Social Value and asset performance; can new development deliver more value for communities whilst providing effective returns– the holy grail of Impact Investment.
  • Unlocking Social Value investment into our communities: This session will include real life examples of how private money can work in collaboration with public sector to solve some of societies biggest challenges such as homelessness. We will hear from Impact Investors and local government, showcasing the best examples of what actually works.
  • Benchmarking: Do we know what good looks like? Is it time for buyers to set out their expectations and can we benchmark what good looks like? This session will explore what benchmarks should be used and how they are being set across sectors. We will also hear from the UKs leading data provider who will present a league table of social value performance - where do you sit?

Day One will also see the presentation of the National Social Value Awards 2020, for which we have received a fantastic range of submissions and inspiring social value stories to celebrate.

Agenda – Day 2 – Hosted by Social Value UK

Measurement as part of sharing power: We will explore how critical it is to involve stakeholders in determining what outcomes should be measured and how this leads to greater accountability, more effective decision making and ultimately a sharing of power.

Valuation to inform decision making: Speakers will share best practice in measuring aspects of social wellbeing. Exploring the pros and cons for monetisation.

My money matters: an exploration of how mainstream financial institutions are responding to a change in public values. Discuss how our pension funds and other investments can be used to create positive impact on people and the planet?

Social Value brokering: Use this space to make new partnerships across sectors. Learn how to connect and work with different types of organisations; social enterprises, cooperatives, VCSEs and corporates. We must all work closely together to maximise social value.

Social Value in the workplace: A deep dive into the topic of ‘Decent work’ as we explore how social value is created (or destroyed) through the treatment of employees.

Impact data and technology: Exploration of how technology can be utilised to amplify voices of those with little or no power. How can we make impact data a common good but also a decentralised asset?

Wellbeing, inequality and the law! Discussion about how social impact, wellbeing and social value can be enshrined in more legislation and the role that lawyers and citizens can play in strengthening such policies.

Social Value brokerage and measurement surgery: More opportunities to network and meet new types of organisations. In addition, there will be a surgery where impact consultants are providing free expert advice.

The National Social Value Conference is proudly hosted by the Social Value Portal and Social Value UK.

The Social Value Portal is an online solution that allows organisations to measure and manage the contribution that their organisation and supply chain makes to society, according to the principles laid out within the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012. Our solution allows organisations to report both non-financial and financial data and rewards organisations for doing “more good” in the community.

We measure environmental, social and economic activities and help our clients to identify and measure the additional Social Value delivered through their projects in terms that are meaningful to their customers.

What we do:

  • UNDERSTANDING YOUR THEMES, OUTCOMES AND MEASURES - Target your Social Value commitments to maximise your contribution by understanding the appropriate Themes, Outcomes and Measures that apply to your organisation and the communities in which you operate.
  • PROCUREMENT & TENDER SUPPORT - If you are running, or entering a bid or tender, the Social Value Portal can provide guidance and support on assessing Social Value, and how it may be aligned with local needs.
  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT AND DELIVERY - The Social Value Portal provides a management tool to assess Social Value across your projects.
  • SUPPLY CHAIN MEASUREMENT - The Social Value Portal supports the measurement of Social Value Added across your Supply Chain.
  • WORKSHOPS AND TRAINING - We offer customised workshops and training on Social Value measurement and implementation.
  • MARKET AND COMMUNITY ANALYSIS - We can advise you on the needs of the local communities and how the local market can respond.

Learn more about the National TOMs and embedding social value in public sector procurement here.