SmarterPay is an independent payments company based in the UK. We are a Bacs approved software supplier and Bacs approved Bureau and have been delivering Bacs related services since 2005. We are also a member of Open Banking and are a registered G-Cloud Supplier on the government’s, Digital Marketplace.

We develop all our products and services in-house. Our solutions are used by companies of all sizes, ranging from large utilities providers, local government, and payroll providers all the way through to your local squash club or running club. Our products include software for direct and/or indirect submission, Bacs Bureau services, Bacs Facilities Management Services and a cloud-based payment platform, SmarterPay Cloud.

SmarterPay Cloud is our flagship product and provides a secure and easy-to-use service to submit Direct Debit and/or Direct Credit files to Bacs. Used by many councils across the UK, it is perfect for council tax collections, purchase ledger payments and payroll. Accessible using any web browser, uptake of SmarterPay Cloud has soared during the pandemic as a replacement for traditional software or as a contingency. It does not require the usual hardware and is always up to date with industry standard security requirements.

As a wider payment platform, you can subscribe to Smarterpay Cloud’s fully automated Direct Debit Management System (DDMS) and/or card payment processing application - both of which are easily integrated using the API. Smarterpay Cloud’s DDMS gives you full control of the Direct Debit lifecycle. From sign up to mandate creation, right through to managing payment schedules, ongoing collections, represents and cancellations. The card payment processing tool will connect to any payment gateway delivering level 1 PCI DSS compliance.

With and beyond our API we have a wealth of experience with bespoke payment integration. As such, SmarterPay also benefit and enjoys partnership relationships with Salesforce (CRM) Opayo (Payment Gateway) and Elavon (Merchant Services). We can integrate any payment gateway and/or Direct Debit signup process with your existing CRM, ERP or billing system.

Our customer service speaks for itself; our staff are all UK-based, DBS-checked, GDPR-trained and payment specialists, thus ensuring your queries are dealt with effectively, professionally and quickly.

We understand times are challenging. Your budgets are tight and so more than ever, cost is a crucial factor. As a private, family-owned company without investors or venture capitalists to satisfy, we can prioritise meeting your requirements, which is why we set our pricing to be sustainable, short and long term, but more importantly, to be fair.

We welcome your enquiry and look forward to hearing from you.

Reg No: 07333064
ISO Certificate No: 338442020

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