Silxo helps organisations perform better through technology. We’re your technology partner, helping to support, maintain and grow your business.

We believe in bite-size, smart solutions and services which address real needs and opportunities, rather than slow, over-engineered programmes that never deliver on their promises.

As the pace of business change increases, you need technology that helps you win today so that you can greet tomorrow with confidence. You need to be able to chop and change your ICT without the encumbrance of legacy systems, services and contracts. And you need a partner that’s nimble, experienced and insightful – that’s Silxo.

Do different

We’re a growing team of experts with experience across the public and private sectors and a global network of respected, knowledgeable partners.

We’ve developed a powerful approach to creating benefits for our clients:

Listen – We bring insights and experience, not preconceptions or pre-cooked answers.

Analyse – We look at your real situation and context, both technical and human. We drill down into problems and opportunities, map dependencies and quantify consequences.

Solve – We create solutions for business and technology change which are clear, direct and actionable. No jargon, no padding – just predictable outcomes.

Transform – Be it re-platforming, business transformation, data integration or security remediation, we transform your business to our own high standards of delivery.

Transition – We don’t deliver and disappear. We build the right management and governance environment to ensure transformed IT is embedded and secure for performance and growth.

Fresh IT

Traditional approaches to IT solutions, services and third-party delivery models are blocking innovation, creating greater complexity and driving up costs while delivering no advantage.

We believe IT solutions should be cut down to size. Each solution should solve only a specific, identified challenge and only for as long as the answer produces results.

IT that’s always fresh – and equal to the challenges of business.

A passion for execution

We have architected and implemented technology change solutions at pace and to scale, from ERP programmes to infrastructure redesign and application development.

Our in-house and offshore development teams will work with you to build bespoke, quality-tested solutions that meet your goals – now and in the future.

Trust us to be clear, committed and accountable. Trust us to deliver.

For more information, get in touch today.

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