The world’s First Nanocomposite Solar Thermal Panel will deliver affordable Solar Heating and cooling.

An innovative company supported by the UK Governments Industrial Strategy, Senergy are pioneering advanced Polymer (plastic) solar thermal panels that can be mass manufactured and installed at a 50% lower cost than existing solar thermal panels made from glass, copper and aluminium. 

The innovative nanocomposite solar thermal panels will make it affordable for buildings to heat and cool themselves. The Senergy Solar Thermal Panels are designed to integrate easily with the construction architecture of buildings and are embedded with low cost sensor and information technologies that also integrate with the digital architecture. This complete integrated solution  allows Senergy Thermal panels to deliver the next generation of reliable, affordable and emission free solar water heating and cooling.

The Senergy panels can be installed on commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings with a huge opportunity to integrate panels into energy efficient modular homes of the future. With materially superior economics and aesthetics Senergy technology will enable pervasive adaption of solar water and space heating and cooling in the global built environment.

Senergy are working in close collaboration with the entire supply chain to ensure the panel design standard will unlock a more productive, digitally enabled, manufacturing led solar integrated roof product that will increasingly become a key part of the smarter built environment.   

Christine Boyle Senergy CEO “ We are working to deliver the most technically advanced thermal panels that will meet building standards alongside the integration with interseasonal storage for all year round supply. The reduction in the upfront cost of these new standardised renewable heating systems enabled by Senergy panels transforms the economics and carbon savings”.

CB said “Our early customer projects will demonstrate direct comparison with incumbent heating systems proving the commercial viability of the Senergy Solar Thermal Panels and with a market driven by energy efficient building codes and Government policy the global sales opportunity will be enormous. Senergy are excited to be presenting a solar off grid thermal heating solution that will build resilience against future climate impacts and the threat of unreliable supply and fuel poverty.”