Segmentation Group

Established in 2005, Segmentation Group is a dynamic data analytics and telecoms management company, dedicated to translating complex legacy networks into transparent future proof solutions. We are the authority in data analytics and telecoms management and our dinosaur to astronaut approach enables us to take our clients on a journey of discovery, to carefully develop innovative solutions to their outdated voice, mobile and data infrastructures. Understanding the past as well as being pensive about the future are as equally important as one another in order to achieve clarity, gain control and increase the potential for cost savings.

We have a versatile and adaptive team of telecom specialists with over 40 years of voice, data and mobile telecoms experience, which enables us to see things that others don’t see. This has allowed us to assist organisations in both the public and private sectors to move away from traditional methodologies and propel them towards more innovative applications, which are far more cost effective, rationalised, fit for purpose and future proof. By forensically auditing more than 200 medium to large organisations, we have been able to achieve critical insight, clarity and cost savings in excess of £17 million.

According to a Chinese proverb, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Gaining back control of telecoms estates that have grown exponentially over many years and no doubt been inherited from a long line of supervisors can be problematic in itself. Our independent and objective Discovery Audit can equip you with a summary of your telecoms estate and spend, highlighting areas of concern or potential opportunity. This audit also provides an overview of the potential risks to your organisation of the ISDN / PSTN 2025 Switch-Off and any recommendations, highlighting why careful planning now for this inevitable event can mitigate exposure, whilst at the same time maximising cost savings during digital transformation.

We also offer a more in-depth audit, which is a highly detailed analysis of your telecoms estate and spend, including a supplier contracts review and comprehensive advice on potential improvements and savings. These audits can be further enhanced to include a telecoms analytics managed service, which provides continuous reporting on the estate inventory and costs for all of your suppliers, tender support services and strategic advice, detailing asset management, cost control and any other relevant observations considered necessary by our telecoms experts.

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