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Background to Runibex Technology UK

Runibex Technology UK is a Managed Services Provider based in London that helps companies achieve their vision and fulfil their potential through born-in-the-cloud solutions. Runibex is active in four core businesses: Cloud-based Managed Services, E-commerce, SAP consulting and cloud-based business analytics and intelligence.

What Runibex does to help digitally transform businesses

The primary activities in which we engage in the UK and EMEA market are:

a. Enabling businesses to accelerate innovation by migrating to IT systems that are cost-effective, reliable and highly available through our Cloud Migration offerings
b. Enabling businesses to make the most of their Cloud investment and to reduce operational overhead and risk through our Cloud Managed Services offerings
c. Helping businesses manage their mission critical workloads on SAP, on premise or in the cloud, becoming much more cost-effective and agile through our SAP Consultancy offerings
d. Helping firms build customer-centric businesses with an E-commerce application that is highly flexible and responsive to customer needs through our E-commerce offerings
e. Augmenting the skills of traditional SIs and IT firms who lack cutting edge technology skills such as Cloud, DevOps, Kubernetes and containerisation through our Offshoring Development offerings

What makes Runibex different

To make the most of the agility of the cloud, it is essential to work with the best tech talent. We offer European quality work but at a highly competitive price. We have a large development and operations team in Turkey and on-the-ground resources in the UK, especially focused on areas where there are major UK skills gaps.  We bring to the table 20+ years expertise in SAP and E-commerce, combined with cutting edge cloud computing skills. We spend 20% of our turnover on R&D to ensure that our workforce is not only capable of providing practical solutions for some of the most pressing business challenges for the Customers today, but also to equip our Customers with better and innovative solutions for the challenges that they will face tomorrow.

Examples and Credentials

Runibex is a recognised partner of major cloud services providers Amazon Web Services (AWS) and is also a member of the SAP ecosystem. An example of our capability is with IDO, a ferry line with a fleet of over 3000 vessels and 30000 employees and who sell more than 60 million tickets per annum.  

The work Runibex performs for IDO is video case study for AWS.  The project was the first in Turkey and among the first 5 in the world to build a fully auto-scaling service utilising SAP Hybris on the AWS Cloud.

Other key customers include Boyner, one of the biggest retail groups in Europe with 20 million online registered customers and 500 stores; Klöckner Pentaplast, a global leader in rigid and flexible packaging with operations in 18 countries over 6,300 employees; and Altunbilekler, a grocery chain with 84 shops 2700 employees.

Here are our case studies links:

What Next?

If you would like to discuss our service offerings and understand how we can help you, please email and call us today. Please also refer to our Website, Twitter or LinkedIn pages for up to date information about how we help businesses thrive.

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