Reopening with confidence and building a safer tomorrow

The challenge

As Government and scientists battle with the challenges around the Covid-19 pandemic there is a clear desire to get people back to work, children back to schools and colleges, customers back into shops, pubs and restaurants and to kick start the economy.

To enable this to happen transport hubs, buses, trains, aircraft, vans, businesses, and homes all need to be sanitised and those who manage them need to ensure that they can reopen with confidence and give their clients, customers and family greater reassurance. They also need to ensure that those that use these premises and transport methods are checked for signs of fever as frequently as possible.

We all need to follow the guiding principles for Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases - Early discovery. Early Report. Early Isolation. Early Treatment. Prevent diffusion. Cut off transmission.

The options

All visitors, staff and customers need to be screened on arrival. In areas with large numbers of people this is best undertaken infra-red thermal cameras. This removes the need for long delays with hand-held checkers.

At schools, colleges, hospitals, offices the people coming would be screened at all entrances by cameras. Once the first check has been made then a further set of checks can be installed for all entrances where temperatures can be taken by wall mounted thermometers.

There is no need to employ manual checks as all potential breaches of temperature are audibly notified and shown on separate monitoring screens. Should there be a positive identification then a second check is made at a wall mounted thermometer.

Premises should be deep cleaned and the use of ultra violet light solutions gives hospital grade disinfecting without the wetness of liquid sanitisers that can damage furniture, carpets, electrical appliances over time.

The solutions

FevCam is a multi-faceted techno-creative company providing the highest quality products in the security and screening domain. FevCam is a part of a 60-year-old $100 million diversified business group with interests in manufacturing, film & television, IT and real estate.

The hard work of some of the best IT and Tech brains in India and Europe, coupled with the manufacturing prowess of China is the backbone of our success. FevCam manufactures State of the Art Thermal Imaging Systems, Fever Detection Systems and Sanitisation / Disinfection products. All our products are extremely robust and are built to American and European standards. Our products are covered by a one-year warranty and backed by excellent service support.

We develop, manufacture, market and distribute technologies that will lead to a safer tomorrow. Our products are suitable for a wide range of industries including Hospitality, Healthcare, Retail, Education, Entertainment, Government, Mass Transit etc.

Identifying potential high temperatures

FevCam Infra-Red thermal cameras can be configured to aid high level screening by detecting elevated skin-surface temperatures, and are suitable for use in rapid preliminary fever screening in office buildings, factories, railway stations, airports and other public places, with accuracy up to ±0.3°C when installed and configured correctly for optimum performance with associated equipment. If an elevated temperature is detected, individual cases can be confirmed using thermometers or other clinical measurement devices.

Our thermal solutions are ideal for use in preliminary fever screening applications. They can detect temperatures in individuals in one second, creating an alert if the indicated temperature is elevated outside of the set parameters, without the need for physical contact, and can detect multiple people simultaneously. There is therefore a fast and easy way to identify potential temperature breaches.

Sanitising your premises

Millions and billions of microorganisms are now present in your business premises because of the lockdown. In HVAC systems, in Pipes and in Dead Corners where your regular liquid-based sanitisers are unable to reach. These Microbes can cause diseases such as flu, kidney failure, cancer, and coronary heart disease.

What you need is a one-time Hospital Grade UV Disinfection treatment of your premises using our European UV technology. Our European UV technology is the only way to eliminate the millions and billions of microorganisms that are now living in your premises because of the lockdown.

Ideal for Hotels, Restaurants, Malls, Cinema Theatres, Schools, Colleges, Warehouses, Offices, Homes etc.

Germicidal UV light efficiently inactivates both drug-sensitive and multi-drug-resistant bacteria, as well as differing strains of viruses. Far better than Chemical Sanitizers. No Smell. No Residue. There is also no risk to furniture and electrical equipment from the continued fogging or misting with liquid.

Sanitise beds, sofas, carpets, cutlery, computer keyboards, office equipment, clothes, accessories, and everything that cannot be sanitised by a liquid sanitiser. Leave it in a room or open space for 15 to 30 minutes and everything is completely sanitised automatically.


The UK market already has proven solutions available for deployment. We are ready to help you reopen with confidence and build a safer tomorrow.

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