Qwello UK

Qwello is a vertically integrated developer, manufacturer, operator and maintainer of public charging infrastructure using a highly innovative, practical and driver-friendly solution that provides local authorities and private organisations with fully privately funded innovative, user-friendly public on-street EV charging solutions.

Their groundbreaking approach prioritises innovation, practicality, and driver-friendliness, providing fully privately funded, user-friendly public on-street EV charging solutions to both local authorities and private organisations.

Founded in 2017, Qwello was born from the frustration of unreliable and difficult to use charging solutions. In a short span, the company has cemented a formidable presence across Europe, successfully deploying thousands of public destination charging points in countries including Germany, Sweden, Spain, Poland, France, and the UK.

UK Expansion
Qwello made its debut in the UK in late 2022, making an impactful entry by installing 50 world-class charging stations in The City of London. These strategically located stations are near iconic landmarks such as the Tower of London, St. Paul's Cathedral, Smithfield Market, and The Barbican. Furthermore, Qwello has secured contracts with Essex County Council, the Metropolitan District of Solihull, and East Lothian. By 2024, the company aims to install a minimum of 300 additional contactless cable-attached 22 kW AC on-street charging points across these regions.

Qwello’s Advanced Charging Solutions
Qwello's fast charge points offer up to 22 KW of AC power through socket charging and/or up to 11kW of AC power via a distinctive integrated retractable plug and cable in a protective drum reducing trip hazards. 

Our unique modular charging poles feature multiple payment options including access thanks to built in contactless credit/debit card, and can also come with additional optional features like built-in WiFi, 5G antennas or air quality sensors.

Qwello’s charging network solutions are loved by drivers thanks to features such as a highly rated smartphone app that shows available points, reserves them, and navigates drivers to their destination. Thanks to an integrated smart parking sensor which spots nuisance parking, if anything changes en-route, another is automatically reserved, or drivers are guided to an alternative charging station nearby making the reservation function a seamless experience.

Unique Qwello Features

  • Integrated retractable cables – Qwello's 6.5 metre retractable cable enhances convenience, security, and safety, meeting the new BSI PAS1899 accessibility standard.
  • Multiple Payment Options – Qwello stations support various payment methods, including contactless debit/credit cards, ApplePay, Google Play, RFID card, Roaming Network Cards and a smartphone app for quick access.
  • OZEV, LEVI,ORCS and Public Chargepoint Regulations Approved – The company's charging points comply with OZEV LEVI and ORCS standards, ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • Integrated parking sensors – Qwello's integrated parking sensor detects nuisance parking, streamlining the charging process for users.
  • Reservation Functions – Unique charging pole reservation functions, coupled with the parking sensor, guarantees successful charging station bookings.
  • Modular Designs – Qwello’s modular pole design optimises maintenance, resulting in an operational uptime of over 99%.
  • Tariff Optimisation – Qwello's unique combined power and time-based tariff system increases utilisation and reduces costs for drivers.
  • Built-in App Navigation – Qwello's stations provide built-in app navigation to the nearest charge point with live status updates.
  • Traffic reduction – Features like the reservation system, and app navigation reduce traffic congestion around charging stations, ultimately lowering pollution levels.
  • Optional Features – Stations can be equipped with optional features like WiFi, 5G antennas, or air quality sensors.
  • Location AI Programming – An advanced location AI program aids efficient placement and rollout planning of charging stations.
  • Local Expertise - Installation and maintenance are carried out by local experienced certified contractors, ensuring quality and reliability.
  • Partnerships – Qwello has developed strong partnerships with complementary organisations including DC rapid network operators, Solar Canopy providers, Battery Storage, and E-Bike & Scooter hire.

Sustainability and Environmental Commitment
In the UK, Qwello goes beyond providing charging infrastructure by offering local authorities a fully funded, end-to-end class leading charging solution and prioritising local communities by taking into account the Social Value Act when delivering EV infrastructure projects. 

Qwello is fully funded by environmentally focused Tiger Infrastructure, aligning with their commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly practices.Standing at the forefront of the EV charging revolution, Qwello offers a comprehensive, innovative, and user-centric approach to public charging infrastructure. With a strong presence across Europe and a growing footprint in the UK, they are not only making EV charging more accessible but also contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable future for transportation. Their commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community engagement underscores their position as a pioneering force in the electric vehicle ecosystem.
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