Quayle Industries Ltd

We provide aerial photography using drones for businesses and individuals in Nottingham and across the UK. Drones can be used for both photography and filming and are far more cost-effective than many other traditional methods commonly used.

We are proud to be Civil Aviation Authority Approved drone pilots. This means that we are fully licensed and work to the highest standards. Before we undertake any project, we will seek appropriate clearance from the authorities to operate the drone.

We work with you to plan what is needed and how the photographs or videos will be used to give you the result you need. All work is conducted safely and within your timescales.

There are many instances where drone photography or filming is the best option for you:

  • Drones are cost-effective and reduce the need for scaffolding or helicopters.
  • The quality of the photography and videos is of a very high standard.
  • Drones can be used to access hard to reach areas inside and outside.
  • Data and images can be relayed to you within 24 hours ready to download.

We can provide stunning photography and videos for a wide range of purposes from, property developers wanting to showcase their properties for sale, individuals that need a roof inspection through to companies that want some aerial views as part of their marketing campaigns.

Our view is ‘Why risk working at height when you can send a drone to do it!’

About Us

The founder of Quayle Industries Ltd is Quinton Quayle. He is an Arborist who has been in the industry since 2000.    Having worked at height for many years, Quinton understands the risk involved and therefore looked at ways in which he could minimise this risk for himself and his clients; Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or drones as they are known commercially are an ideal solution

We are Civil Aviation Authority Approved drone pilots. We take pride in working alongside our clients to plan all the work meticulously and ensure that all permissions are taken care of and work is conducted safely. We are fully insured for operating drones and have a 100% safety record.

We provide an aerial photography service which can be used in locations that would otherwise require scaffolding or use of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms to gain access. We can provide this service with a significantly reduced risk as no person is working at height, plus a more competitive price due to the efficiency of using drones.

We have just completed a lengthy process with the Civil Aviation Authority and are proud to have had our Operating Safety Case approved.  This acts like an enhanced permission meaning that we can provide services that other drone providers cannot, operating within complex environments, higher and further than most.

Surveys and Inspections

If you need to conduct a survey or inspection, then aerial photography using a drone is a cost-effective and quick way of doing this.

We offer aerial photography using drones for:

  • Individuals
  • Roofing companies
  • UK Power Networks
  • Wind Turbine Farms
  • Solar Farms (Solar Parks)

Asset Inspection of properties

If you need an asset inspection, then our drones can take high definition photos which show you the condition of the property. This is perfect for roofs and other hard to access areas.

We supply high definition photographs or 4k videos of any infrastructure that needs to be checked for damage. By using a drone, you negate the need for elevated work platforms or scaffolding, reducing costs, time and most importantly risk. For roof inspections, you will be able to see if there are broken tiles, the build-up of moss or other damage. After the repair has been carried an aerial inspection will show if the repair has been carried out correctly.

Specialist Asset Inspection

We use thermal drone cameras for hard to reach and difficult to access places at height. Or in some cases large surface areas that would take hours if not days to inspect. The specialist asset inspections are mainly for UK Power Networks, Wind Farms and Solar Farms. You may want drone inspections carried out of pylons, wind turbines or solar panels; we are experienced in conducting these types of specialist asset inspections.

If there are concerns of insulators not performing efficiently on pylons, or energy being lost from a substation or structure, we can supply thermal camera imagery that shows temperatures being experienced. This is a very effective method for quickly finding a fault on a network without laborious testing.

Estate and Land Agents

Using a drone is a perfect way of capturing photographs and videos of your land or property development. It is both cost-effective and efficient and results in stunning images that you can’t achieve using traditional photography.

We work for:

  • Individuals
  • Architects
  • Estate Agents
  • Builders
  • Property Developers

Aerial Photography for individuals

We are often asked to take an aerial photograph using a drone of a home which can then be used as a picture. If you have lived in your home for many years or you want to buy a gift that is a bit out of the ordinary, then commissioning aerial photography using a drone is a perfect option. The high-quality photography can capture your home and surrounding areas in a way that you will not have seen before. We can even make a short video of the drone flying above your house.

Aerial Photography for Property Developments

We work with architects, builders and property developers in Nottingham and across the UK. Aerial photography using drones can help at the start of the project, so you have a clear view of the plot you are planning to build on and surrounding areas. This can help with planning applications before the build starts. We can even make progression video for property developers; these are a great way of promoting the development as work is taking place for your website or social media. Once the development is ready for sale, we can take aerial photographs which will capture the buildings and surrounding areas. The stunning images and videos are an ideal way to promote your property portfolio to potential buyers.

Aerial Photography for Estate Agents

This is a service is favoured by Estate Agents, taking images of a house, the gardens and the whole estate from angles unachievable using normal photography. Pictures taken by a drone can set your portfolio apart from the competition and ensure you get that sale.

Agricultural Drones

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are often used by farmers and agricultural service professionals to evaluate the health of their crops.  Drones are a cost-effective and efficient method for collecting valuable data which can be used to improve the yield of crops.

Using a qualified drone pilot that has state of the art equipment to analyse your crops is more effective than purchasing a cheap drone and trying to do this yourself.

We use AGX710 Sensor for our DJI Matrice 200 Series Drones. These provide detailed insights into the health of the crop and capture data quickly. The multi-spectral sensor allows us to collect real-time data and provide live streaming to you.

We will agree with you a flight plan that will provide maximum data for you. The drone will fly slowly across the fields and capture precise and accurate data. The type of data that can be collected includes:

  • Height of plants
  • Number of plants
  • Health of plants
  • Presence of nutrients
  • Presence of disease
  • Presence of weeds

Farming drones can be used to conduct many routine farming tasks, thereby helping you to save time and money on labour. Some of these include crop health monitoring, yield monitoring, drought assessment and plant stress monitoring.

Using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (farming drone) you can gain a rapid overview of your managed estate, showing areas of the crops which are not performing as expected, allowing early intervention to improve yield.

Corporate and Marketing

All businesses whether small or large companies are always trying to stand out from their competitors.  Statistics show that consumers are more attracted to high-quality images and videos than to text alone. Using aerial photographs and videos using a drone as part of your marketing campaign can help you gain a lot of interest in your product, service or venue.

Aerial Photography and aerial videos using drones are an excellent way of capturing compelling images that will engage your target market and give you a competitive edge. Drones are a cost-effective and efficient method for taking creative shots that would otherwise not be accessible using normal photography or videography services.

We often work alongside photographers and video production companies to provide them with a different style of images for their portfolio.

Promotional Videos

If you have a new product, service or event, you want to launch you can commission aerial photographs or videos which can be used on your website, social media or email campaigns. The quality of the images is exceptionally high, and we can shoot angles that you would typically need a full camera crew to produce.  We can provide an edited video in an appropriate size depending on how you plan to use this for your marketing.

These videos and photographs are ideal for:

  • Product/Service launches
  • Corporate events
  • Sporting events
  • Marketing material
  • Commercials

If you would like to discuss how drones could help your business, contact us by email, we look forward to being of service!