However challenging the current circumstances might be, businesses are still transforming at a rapid pace. Working from home is now destined to become much more prevalent wherever it’s applicable. Also, co-working spaces, open desks and similar non-fixed solutions are more and more common. This means the devices employees use have to reflect the needs of today’s and tomorrows’ world, too.

Philips have developed a range of new, innovative monitors for businesses from its B1 series, with features that increase efficiency, security, convenience, accessibility and more, offering full adaptability wherever you need to work.

Easily connected

USB-C docking monitors are a convenient solution, ideal for a variety of applications, such as using in public spaces with different users. The Philips 243B1, for example, is a sleek, 3-side borderless 24” display, boasting a colour-accurate IPS panel, 75 Hz refresh rate and FHD resolution. The real killer feature is its built-in USB-C docking station with 4x USB 3.2 ports and a Gigabit Ethernet port. In this setup, the monitor can be connected with a keyboard and mouse via the onboard USB ports, as well as with a network connection via the RJ45 port. On a shared, public space, the only thing the user needs to do is connect their laptop via a single USB-C cable. And as simple as that, video signal is transferred to the monitor, the laptop can be controlled via the external keyboard/mouse, connected to the network fast and securely, and USB Power Delivery (up to 65W) will power the laptop. This is extremely useful for instance when an employee shares a desk and their main workstation is their laptop.

Focus on Privacy

Also suited for flexible workplaces is the Philips 242B1H with its Windows Hello pop-up webcam. Especially helpful for instances where multiple user accounts run on the same computer/physical space, is the built-in Windows Hello capable 2 MP FullHD webcam. With its facial recognition capability using advanced sensors, users can log into their Windows accounts in less than 2 seconds, without typing a password, bringing convenience, speed and security together. To increase the security even more, the webcam can be manually tucked away in the back, physically blocking the camera’s view of the user.

The Philips monitors mentioned above are great contenders for small/medium businesses or startups to large organisations, offering convenience, latest standards in terms of display technology (with IPS panels) and sustainability ratings (EnergyStar and EPEAT) in one package.