People Matter, Egremont Group empowers public sector HR from within

Egremont Group helps you break through the barriers holding you back and achieve the change you need to succeed in the public sector. We specialise in breakthrough transformation.

We’ll ask the hard questions to uncover the brutal truths. We’ll work with you to create bespoke, multifaceted solutions that create a shared vision between leadership and the employees and have your strategy and citizens at their heart.

“They are a super focused team who helped us get to where we need to be and in an inclusive manner. It was a real partnership.” Suzanne Allen, Head of People, Lakeland

Be honest

If you are serious about transforming your function or organisation, consider these four questions:

  • Strategy - are you playing to win?
  • Operating model & organisation design - can your structure deliver your strategy?
  • Operational Excellence – are your core processes lean & designed with citizen outcomes in mind?
  • Leadership & culture change - what is the culture you want to create?

One team

We work with you from the start to set out the answers to these questions, dive deep into the problem to work out what is holding you back and then train the whole team to deliver against your vision.

“They helped us to identify what the real problem was” CEO, Snapfish

Change from Within

We’ll help you see results, fast, and then leave you with the strategy, structure, processes and skills to evolve and excel long after we’re gone. Your people help drive the process, we believe that an organisation’s people make or break their ability to adapt and succeed. We’ll work with, listen to and invest in your people, from leadership to the people on the front line who are closest to your customer, as we help you design and drive the change.

We coach and develop key individuals at every level of the organisation making them powerful assets and champions for the change from the bottom up. 

“Egremont Group will help you see yourself the way the rest of the world sees you” CEO, Severn Trent Water

Change at pace

Our approach delivers benefits to the working culture, customer experience and organisational efficiency. The pace we bring and our emphasis on culture and capability development releases the potential across Government organisations and their people.

“We had to make change happen quickly and strategically, and Egremont were the team to help us do that”  Executive Vice President, Walgreens

How we work - Recruitment Operating Model Redesign

A large financial institution had ambitions for rapid growth and expansion within the UK and internationally. Egremont led a review of the Talent Attraction & Resourcing operating model to facilitate this change. The work included a review of the component HR processes and policies and resulted in a new operating model and organisation design, which provided capacity and capability to balance strategic thinking with operational delivery.

Importantly, it enabled the team to meet the evolving needs of the organisation whilst continuing to attract top talent. We engaged a wide range of stakeholders (HR business partners, internal customers, partner organisations, recent recruitment candidates) through focus groups, interviews, desktop analysis and AI semantic analytics. We explored each area of the operating model and organisation design in the context of the needs of the business and changes in the external environment. A rich picture emerged of what needed to change and why.

Through a phased approach, the new model was implemented, and a robust transformation map and plan developed to drive the defined changes whilst understanding the dependencies that enabled it. This ensured the new team were set up for success from the outset.

What we did - Utilities Cultural Transformation

A leading water company invited us to supply business consultancy services to design and deliver a business wide cultural transformation programme over two years. The key question from the senior leaders to the frontline, which formed the backbone of the programme was: how can this be simpler, easier and better.

The programme encompassed an organisational review and organisational design, operational improvements and business process redesign, leadership development, capability development and training and development. 

We delivered a multi-million pound benefits case, employee engagement rose significantly, and we were awarded Personnel Today’s HR Supplier of the year Award for our work. We designed and implemented an operational excellence approach to establish stable, repeatable business processes and to drive resilience in the network and operational improvements. 

We partnered with a team from the company and, together, we trained over 1,000 individuals in new tools, techniques and capabilities, focusing on senior leadership and frontline managers.  Everything we did was underpinned by a detailed business case which we developed with them. 

We can help you

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