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Pass Training’s commitment to quality and relevant training for organisations has proven to deliver a good return on investment. We pride ourselves in producing course programs that engage and inspire our delegates whilst increasing their appetite to become better employees and continue on their learning journey.

Our team of professionals have a combined experience in excess of 30 years.  Our qualifications and training lifecycle knowledge is extensive, offering a large range of developmental and people management skills. Having trained and worked in the parking sector, we are both industry competent and able to provide the best and most relevant advice and needs. We have worked hard to develop our programs to cater for all learning needs and also to maximise the productivity output of the delegates.  We have a high success rate for all accredited courses and the feedback from the delegates and clients has been exceptional.

Our objective is to set the highest of standards in our material and delivery and provide the best learning experience we can.  We achieve this through constant research and refreshing our own knowledge and program structure to not only meet best practice guidelines, but to also be a cut above the rest.

Our portfolio and packages are competitive and a cost effective solution to your training requirements.  We are flexible and offer a multitude of bespoke programmes to suit your needs. 

Pass Training Consultancy Ltd offers a variety of course packages such as:

•    Conflict Management
•    English Tourist Board - Welcome Host Training
•    Car Park Officer Training
•    1 Day Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW)
•    Civil Enforcement Officers  City & Guilds 1950-02
•    English Tourist Board - Welcome All Disability Awareness
•    Appraisal Training
•    1/2 Day AED Defibrillator & Emergency Oxygen
•    CCTV Enforcement Officers 
•    City & Guilds 1950-02
•    Fire Safety Training
•    Basic Deaf Awareness
•    Care for Children First Aid
•    Customer Care Training
•    Manual Handling Training
•    Basic British Sign Language
•    In Case of Emergency (‘ICES’)
•    Notice Processing
•    City & Guilds 1916-01
•    Supervisory Training
•    First Aid at Work 3 Days (FAW)
•    1 Day Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW)

Mark Cox from Pass Training Consultancy
There is an ever growing need for employees to be developed and refreshed specifically for conflict management due to an increased problem within workplace violence. There has been a significant increase of reported violence occurrences to the HSE, which has lead to a greater demand in better training and changes in policy and procedure.  This is a key area that Pass Training has been involved in for clients over the past year.

There are many things to consider when working within a role that is high risk for workplace violence. The most important skill for the staff to develop is that of communication and the management need to make solid provisions for lone workers.  By equipping the employees to successfully be able to conduct a dynamic risk assessment and having a robust and effective means of calling for assistance, this will help to reduce escalation of conflict and also assist the effectiveness of an individuals exit strategy.  One suggestion as a proactive measure would be to conduct more welfare checks during a shift. This helps to assure staff that even though they are a lone worker, they most definitely are not alone. 

Having delivered the City and Guilds 1889 Conflict Management qualification for a number of years and worked with security roles, we are both qualified and experts within this area.  We have helped delegates to focus on their own impact within a situation and developed their communication to overcome these influences.

Pass training has supported many clients with updating the skill set of their staff and helped to develop good working practices within various organisations. This has been reinforced through feedback from the clients which have stated that the training has been received well and there has been a decrease in incidents reported as a result.

Latest News
We have been granted centre status to deliver City & Guilds awards in the following units -

•    Notice Processing 1916-01
•    Conflict Management 1950-02
•    Civil Enforcement Officers 1950-02
•    CCTV Enforcement Officers 1950-02

Even with the current economic climate, the development of staff is crucial at all levels. Using nationally accredited courses to up skill your team is a fantastic way to increase their knowledge, productivity, moral and provide them with a lifetime qualification.  Developing your staff is a way of showing their worth and value to your organisation, we aim to ensure that their experience is both challenging and inspirational.

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