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At KOREC, we pride ourselves on our understanding of the pain points associated with the identification, inspection and maintenance of a wide range of local government assets, from street furniture and traffic lights to potholes and gullies. After all, we’ve been doing it for over 25 years!

As well as working with local government across the country, KOREC has also been an important part of the team providing full end-to-end digital operations and maintenance solutions to National Highways.

From providing cost-effective ways to collect and process field data with high accuracy GPS, or generating time saving automated reports, or customising data collection workflows, we have the experience and expertise in delivering solutions, training and advice to help remove the obstacles that slow up projects, add unnecessary expense or cause field and office inefficiencies.

Here are just four of the pain points we’ve addressed recently for local authorities:

1. Achieving the right accuracy at the right price, with a minimal spend on hardware

GNSS accuracy is an important consideration for all local government users. For some tasks, high accuracy may be less important, but for others it may be critical. Often this is a balancing act between cost and performance. For example, a fixed asset such as a park bench may only require high accuracy GNSS to locate it during an initial survey. Follow up inspections of this asset do not require GNSS at all as the position is known.

That’s why we recommend Trimble Catalyst, a low-cost, easy to use GNSS receiver that connects to Android and IoS devices. Catalyst delivers the level of accuracy you require (centimetre, decimetre, metre) using a pay-as-you-go subscription meaning you only pay for what you need, when you need it. Especially useful is that Catalyst is fully compatible and works seamlessly with Esri’s field data collection software (Field Maps, Collector and Survey 123).

2. Boosting field data capture capabilities and creating customised workflows using the same system

Many basic data capture systems are on the market, but what if you’re after something more sophisticated with a workflow designed for a specific project? KOREC Mapping can offer standard (customisable by you) Capture software or industry specific workflows such as Canopy, Roadway, Utility, Fibre etc. These solutions will enable you to up the quality and variety of data you are collecting whilst still ensuring easy transfer to your existing GIS.

All KOREC Capture software runs on the Trimble range of data collection devices as well as standard Android, Windows and IOS phones and tablets.

3. Collecting large amounts of data with the most suitable Mobile Mapping system

Mobile mapping enables data to be captured quickly, safely and accurately without disruption to the network or the need for traffic management. This methodology speeds up project delivery and provides the necessary point cloud, video and image based geospatial information for decision making. Importantly, there is a level of system for every mass data capture requirement and budget.

Top of the range is the Trimble MX50 Mobile Mapping system, the preferred mapping system for KOREC’s Professional Services department which carries out mobile mapping and data processing as a service. Alternatively, we have a great example in Derbyshire County Council who successfully implemented a mobile mapping strategy that allowed them to take full control of all their asset data capture and analysis. Derbyshire CC did this by investing in a Trimble MX7 imaging system.

An alternative for a complete end-to-end vehicle based inspection and issue management system would be our KlearView 360 option. Ideal for any regular pavement or roadside asset inspection work, it’s available as an imagery only camera or as a combined imagery and laser point cloud solution.

4. Avoiding further IT infrastructure spending and internal security headaches

Data collected with KOREC Capture software is stored in the cloud. This provides a secure environment in which your collected data can be stored and viewed in the KOREC Portal whilst ensuring that no further office hardware infrastructure is required. It also removes any headaches for your IT security department.

A good example of the benefits of cloud-based data can be seen in the gully cleansing industry. Traditionally, data is captured by contractors using KOREC’s Gully workflow running on a GNSS enabled smartphone or logger whilst they carry out the cleansing. This information, in an automated process, can now be instantly viewed on the managing Council’s GIS. If this is a public facing website, members of the general public can access information on a particular gully to check if it has been cleansed recently.

If you’d like to speak with our friendly and highly experienced Mapping team on any of these areas, please call us or visit us online.

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