Oracle ERP and HCM Cloud and Fully Managed Outsourced Cloud Payroll

In a world of constant business change and disruption, Symatrix brings certainty to the successful delivery of Oracle Cloud and Outsource Payroll services.

Across public sector we see departments being asked to do more with less resource, deliver outcomes more quickly and take advantage of the latest technologies.

The most recent version of Oracle Cloud applications allows organisations to embrace change and automate their processes; it enables departments to significantly reduce the administration burden by empowering employees with  the right tools that can be accessed from their offices or from home.  Current, over 60% of HR and Payroll Professional’s time is spent administering and making changes to people’s data, with Symatrix HR/Payroll Outsource services, this can be dramatically reduced.

G-Cloud is a perfect vehicle to allow organisations to access the Symatrix services that include the delivery of Oracle ERP, HR & Payroll Cloud transformations, the supply of support services for Oracle back office solutions  and the operation of fully managed Outsourced Payroll.

Our full set of services include:

Implementation Consultancy: Symatrix has extensive experience of implementing Oracle HCM, ERP and Payroll Cloud. This knowledgeable team combines our functional and technical expertise and experience with the innovative technology of Oracle’s suite to make sure you deliver more than just on time and on budget project.

We have been on a journey with Oracle Cloud over the past decade since its first iteration. We have adapted our implementation approach to embrace the desire to achieve rapid implementation, operational efficiency and predictable business outcomes. Our success is reflected in the fantastic Net Promoter Scores we receive from our customers time and time again. We know what it really means to drive process improvement that support the business, reduce costs and minimise administration. We use the power of Oracle to support us in this mission and we can do that for you.

No matter what stage of your journey you are on , we are here to help;  from the building of a solid business case for investment, to a roadmap for implementation or to the sharing of knowledge and optimisation of systems to maximum Return on Investment and gain the wider engagement of your people.

BPO Managed/Outsourced Payroll: Symatrix can deliver a range of fully outsourced HR and Payroll offerings which include UK and International service capabilities. These are all delivered from our UK based shared service centre in Manchester and unlike your traditional outsourced offerings, fully embrace the next generation of SaaS HCM Cloud products which allow our customers to benefit from a single HR and Payroll solution.

Symatrix has been supplying Fully Managed Outsourced Payroll for several years, we produce over 250,000 BACS payments per year on behalf of our customers. This makes Symatrix one of the largest users of Oracle Cloud payroll in the UK and the only provider of a fully managed payroll service expertly designed to run on this platform. We’ve learned many lessons over the years and are best placed to enable our customers HR and payroll teams to focus on their strategic goals.

Managed Service Support: Symatrix has a dedicated team, based in Manchester, UK, who support our customers with a range of support services that range from Applications functional and technical support, to testing-as-a-service as well as  IT environment management.  These services have been developed in collaboration with our customers thereby ensuring that they maximise value and fit for purpose.

All of the Symatrix services are delivered from the UK, nothing is off-shored. We recognise the importance of data security, which is why we are ISO27001 accredited, Cyber Essentials certified, and Bacs accredited

All of this, on top of the 20+ years that Symatrix have been an Oracle Platinum Partner provides the confidence that Symatrix is your partner that can deliver certainty.


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