ONLYOFFICE is a registered G-Cloud 12 Supplier that offers ONLYOFFICE Docs and ONLYOFFICE Workspace (both on-premises and in the cloud) for public sector organizations in the UK via Digital Marketplace.


ONLYOFFICE Workspace is a bundle of web apps (ONLYOFFICE Docs, Groups, Mail, Talk) designed to handle multiple processes: document editing and real-time co-authoring, managing files, projects, customers, mail and calendars, building diversified communication hub.

Powerful ONLYOFFICE Docs for text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations are highly compatible with .docx, .xlsx, and .pptx files. Other popular formats such as .doc, .odt, .rtf, .txt, .pdf, .xls, .ods, .csv, .ppt, .odp, etc. are also supported. Users are able to edit complex docs using multiple styling and formatting tools such as shapes, charts, Text Art, drop caps, footnotes, bookmarks, mirror and gutter margins, and more. The pre-installed plugin set as well as the possibility to add own plugins allows implementing extra functionality.

With multiple collaborative features, users can work on the same document together with other team members: real-time and paragraph-locking co-editing modes, track changes, comments, built-in chat, version history, document comparison.

Various productivity tools included in ONLYOFFICE Groups such as mail, projects, CRM, multi-format media player, Gantt chart, time tracking, reports, calendar, chat, blogs, forums, polls, and others ensure greater team workflow.

With a wide range of security tools and services, including data encryption at rest, Private Rooms for encrypted collaboration, 2FA, SSO, activity tracking, audit reporting, flexible access rights management, etc., data is kept safe on all fronts.

The package also includes an intuitive Control Panel for easy configuration and customization of the workspace.

The multitenancy option allows creating a separate workspace for each branch or department. With customization options, it’s possible to choose the needed modules and tools, apply the desired color style, replace logos, links, and titles. Integration with various third-party services (e.g. DocuSign, Twilio, WordPress, etc.) allows creating a cross-functional working environment.

Along with the self-hosted solution, ONLYOFFICE Workspace can be delivered as a cloud-hosted office.

ONLYOFFICE Docs Enterprise Edition easily integrates with any government infrastructure. The suite comprises powerful online editors for text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations highly compatible with Microsoft Office file formats. ONLYOFFICE provides users with multiple editing tools and advanced collaborative features such as two co-editing modes, commenting, built-in chat, change tracking, document comparison, thus ensuring greater team workflow and seamless work with complex formatting and objects.

Ready-to-use integration apps allow smoothly connecting ONLYOFFICE Docs with any sharing service or ECM like Alfresco, Nextcloud, Seafile, SharePoint, Confluence, Liferay, and many others providing a range of settings to configure the combined solution instance.

ONLYOFFICE Docs Developer Edition comprises powerful online editors for text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations highly compatible with MS Office file formats. Users get high-quality formatting and a vast range of collaborative features. The HTML5 Canvas technology ensures 100% view, conversion, print, and pagination fidelity.  

ONLYOFFICE Docs can be smoothly integrated into any web solution no matter what deployment model is used: SaaS or On-Premises, and no matter in what programming language the application is written: .Net (C#), Node.js, Java, PHP, Ruby, etc.

White Label option allows using ONLYOFFICE Docs under a corporate brand. It’s possible to customize the interface, change the presence or absence of the additional buttons, links, change logos and owner details. The editing functionality can be easily extended with multiple plugins: it’s possible to use the already integrated ones, or create and add own add-ons using ONLYOFFICE well-documented API.

What benefits ONLYOFFICE offers for government and public sector

  • Self-hosting. ONLYOFFICE can be deployed on-premises as a private or hybrid cloud solution, so your documents always stay within your infrastructure: no hand-off to public clouds.
  • Open source. ONLYOFFICE affirms its transparency and reliability by opening the source code of all functional modules and tools.
  • Encryption. ONLYOFFICE uses the industry-leading AES-256 encryption standard to protect your sensitive data at rest. Data is protected in transit by use of HTTPS protocols with up-to-date TLS encryption algorithm.
  • Secure access & monitoring. Flexible access rights and JWT let you entirely control document access. Activity tracking and audit reporting provide traceability.
  • Compliance with standards. In ONLYOFFICE, all personal information is treated carefully. Our data security policy is fully compliant with the GDPR standards.
  • Familiar user experience. ONLYOFFICE has a familiar and self-explanatory user interface that allows employees to start using the new system painlessly and quickly without a sharp learning curve.
  • Enterprise-ready solution. ONLYOFFICE provides a pre-configured and optimized enterprise version with professional editing features, advanced security options, and the ability to scale it to any needs.
  • Free desktop apps and mobile applications to complement and enhance user experience.
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