OASIS have been global leaders in healthful drinking water solutions for over 100 years. We design, manufacture and distributed eco-efficient, clean drinking water systems: Bottle Watercoolers, Point-of-Use, Filtration systems, Bottle Fillers and Drinking Fountains. We invent. We reimagine. We perfect. And then we do it all over again.

Our range of units are found across many industries: various corporate campuses, educational institutions, transportation depots and in healthcare sectors, to name a few. Encourage healthy hydration across your corporation with an OASIS unit, and reap the rewards. Our brains are about 70 percent water and our bodies around 50–75 percent. Research has highlighted how inadequate hydration can significantly affect how we feel and perform at work. According to a study by the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) a staggering 89 percent of the UK population is not drinking enough to maintain this healthy hydration status.By preventing a mere 2 percent of bodyweight in dehydration your employees will be more energised and alert. This all accumulates to an increase in focus and productivity among your workforce.

Proper hydration matters for your workforce. So an investment in plentiful fresh drinking water is an investment in your bottom line. In the UK, employers are required by law to have adequate access to safe drinking water, in suitable, visible locations – so choose OASIS, for the most tasty filtered water to contribute to the personal well being of each of your employees. Our antimicrobial copper technology effectively destroys bacterial that reaches the surface making OASIS drinking fountains and bottle fillers perfect for busy areas.

As companies become more conscious of their impact on the environment and its precious resources, sustainability has become a significant corporate goal in the modern world. There are major financial incentives, too. Water efficiency credits are necessary for BREEAM (Sustainability assessment method for master-planning projects, infrastructure and buildings), and water is also vital to virtually every business as necessary fuel for your workforce. Risk-related sustainability issues can affect as much as 70 percent of earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortisation. At only a fraction of a cent per serving, OASIS water systems are the LOWEST-COST amenity you can give to workers.

OASIS have been leaders in environmentally responsible practices since our start more than 100 years ago. Wherever needed, OASIS is there with a hydration solution, tailored to your needs.

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