Nota’s Intelligent Transportation Monitoring System is acknowledged worldwide

Nota’s real-time traffic control solution featured on Solution Showcase of NVIDIA

A successful case study of Nota’s ITS(Intelligent Transportation System) Solutions implemented by Nota in Pyeongtaek City, South Korea, is featured on Success Stories of NVIDIA. NVIDIA, one of the world-leading companies in the system on a chip units (SoCs) for the mobile computing and automotive market, selected Nota’s case as one of the only five Success Stories worldwide.

ITS stands for 'Intelligent Transportation System'. Although the term seems unfamiliar, ITS is applied in various ways in our daily life. It collects traffic conditions and notifies the real-time traffic conditions to drivers through radio or applications.

Recently, Nota successfully completed the real-time traffic signal control demonstration project, which is one of the critical functions of ITS. This makes it possible to understand traffic information, and the technology can help drivers understand road conditions.

The deep learning-based video detector developed by Nota extracts road information using CCTV images on the road. In addition, since all processes from the execution of the deep learning model to the calculation of the traffic signal time operate on the edge-device installed on the site, which does not go through the server, the problems caused by personal information or network disconnection can be prevented in advance.

Through this case, Nota was able to solve the following critical challenges; 1) Heavy traffic congestion during rush hour and need for real-time traffic signal control for emergency vehicles 2) Need for optimized on-device AI without the chronic latency, high cost, and privacy issues of traditional cloud-based solutions 3) The requirement from the city: accuracy and the robustness which is reliable 24/7 solution, regardless of weather conditions and daylight.

Nota focuses on making roadways safer and more efficient by integrating NVIDIA’s edge GPUs and deep learning SDKs with its own in-house technology. Nota reduced the model’s size to 1/10 of its original size while maintaining high performance with mAP of 94.34. Furthermore, Nota reduced its hardware cost by 85% compared to the server-based solution that’s offered by most incumbents in the Intelligent Transportation System industry.

Nota joined NVIDIA’s Metropolis partnership program from July 2021. The program is designed to bring a new generation of applications and solutions using advanced AI vision. Partners have early access to NVIDIA platform updates to enhance their AI application development further and get the opportunity to collaborate with industry-leading experts and other AI-driven organisations.

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