Not just loud - Clever too

The patented folded cone design and driver sensitivity together with massive frequency range make us one of the most innovative and technologically advanced product range on the market.

All systems are innovative and have been designed and updated with user input and consultation.  The systems are not just loud - they are clever too.   Bespoke designs and features are our speciality.

STG’s Acoustic Hailing Devices (AHD) have successfully moved the safe area of engagement from 20 meters to 2000 meters and more.  The ability to communicate intelligibly, in any language, at distance and to give clear messaging and warning tones, allowing the user to communicate and establish the intentions from potential threats and keep safe areas and zones clear.  

STG’s AHDs are designed for clear communication over distance in any operational scenario.  For example:  

  • PSYOPS  - Dismounted Infantry and Vehicles
  • Checkpoints for Control and Access
  • Police and Security -   Public Order
  • Armoured Vehicle installations and mobile systems
  • Airports and Aviation for evacuation and wildlife management
  • Maritime and Port Security – installed and mobile layered security

Some of our Systems …
The Mega Voice is lightweight, 5.5 kilos, rugged and designed for simplicity of use under harsh and stressful conditions. It fits neatly into the top of a 45 litre Bergen and can be deployed and used remotely or worn as a rucksack of any bespoke design. 

The Mega Voice is used by hundreds of infantry around the world operating in psyops, influencing activities and dismounted soldiers, check points and convoys.  Keeping your dismounted soldier, police or security officers safe.

The AHD family has a max SPL of 152dB.  The AHD 9 14Z is a fully marinised system boasting the highest UK DEF standards and can withstand the harshest maritime environments.  It is small and compact, half the size of its American cousins and can be installed and deployed single headedly due to a modular system design.  The system can be split and the two active halves deployed separately. There are single, dual and four horn versions available. The AHD 914Z is currently being used on cruise liners and security vessels around the world.
All the systems have the option of built in UHF remote technology and can broadcast in any language with the Phraselator P2 or MP3 with audio in line.  They can also broadcast with personal radio and have in built security systems to negate the risk of misuse or damage to hearing.   All systems can be attached to external recorders for time and date stamping.