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NB Data stands for ‘nothing but distribution and telecoms advice’ because that is what we do best. We listen to our customer requirements, find the most suitable solution at the best possible price, and distribute for next day delivery.

Here’s what a Global Executive Search Company said about us:

‘NB Data won me over with their consultative approach and genuine interest of our needs. They offered a good solution and were flexible on price. Working with them is a win-win and I would highly recommend them’.

Trusted Supplier

We are a trusted telecoms and technology supplier to the NHS, financial institutions, universities, councils, the emergency services, in fact, any customer of any size. We work tirelessly to support our customers through this period of great uncertainty and change, often sourcing products that other larger suppliers cannot.

Our own brand

To ensure continued supplies we launched our own brand HiHo Solutions at the height of the pandemic to meet the increased demand for webcams and USB headsets. The range has grown rapidly to include no-touch sanitiser solutions, lightweight face shields, see-through masks (on the advice of an NHS customer) and more.

A long-standing NHS customer said:

NHS Grampian purchased the HiHo 1000W WebCam to support video consultations by clinical staff in the acute sector, General Practitioners, and by staff who work in the community. This webcam has proved to be just what the clinicians were looking for as they plug it in and it works. It was delivered on time and at a very good price. Keep up the good work and thank you to all the NB Data team for their support.


Homeworkers are finding that they need more than just a USB headset, their whole environment, where they sit, how they sit and the image they portray in audio and video meetings is of growing importance for productivity, comfort and to meet risk assessments.

We offer bespoke packages for home working from only £79.99 and individual solutions include:

  • Webcams
  • USB headsets
  • Landline telephones
  • Portable speakerphones
  • Single desk call recording
  • Noise-cancelling headsets
  • Mobile phone workstations
  • Wireless Bluetooth and DECT headsets
  • Laptops, monitors, wireless keyboards and mice
  • Refurbished smartphones and mobile phones contracts


It’s clear that sitting at the kitchen table on a hard chair, peering down at a laptop is not ideal from an ergonomics point of view which is why we also offer:

  • Laptop risers
  • Sit/Stand desks
  • Upright wireless mice
  • Miniature wireless keyboards
  • Flexible monitor stands and arms

These solutions are designed to help avoid wrist, neck strain or back strain and more serious conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome.

Back to the Office-Safety and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

The concept of BYOD was gaining pace through the years preceding the start of COVID with the increasing use of smartphones at work. With the emphasis on virus and germ reduction, this concept has even more credibility for those needing to work from the office. Bringing your own device to work can be extended beyond smartphones to:

  • Laptop, keyboards and mice
  • Laptop docking stations and risers
  • Noise-cancelling headsets (including those that learn home and work environments)

And to help further with virus prevention and detection:

  • No-touch sanitiser dispensers via foot pump and automatic wall units
  • Wall-mounted Infrared fever detection units
  • Anti-microbial cleaning cloths, mists, and sprays
  • Anti-bacterial coated handsets
  • Foot pull door openers
  • See-through masks

Customer and Client meetings changed forever?

Whatever the size of your business we help you to keep pace with rapidly changing telecoms and office technology including all the latest Microsoft Teams & Zoom certified products.

The challenge of noisy working environments is met with a range of active noise-cancelling wireless and wired headsets and SIP handsets and video conferencing equipment capable of facial tracking and background noise reduction technology.

We can also supply:

  • Teams and Zoom room video conferencing systems
  • Call recording and speech recognition
  • Monitors and LCD screens
  • Portable speakerphones

The last word from one of our customers

We have been using NB Data since 2009 and within this time we have built up a strong relationship based on trust and respect. The service received from them has always been prompt and on the rare occasion, we have had an issue these have been resolved quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend NB Data & give them 5 stars.

NB Data is included in the Crown Commercial Services COVID 19 Catalogue ID Number 20200501-132430-545660 for telecoms and technology.

Please call, email or visit our website where you can view our extensive range from manufacturers including ATL, Ascom, BT, Interquartz, Poly, EPOS Sennheiser, HiHo, Vidicode, Draytec, Netgear, Yealink and many more.

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